The Guild’s 90+ Pillowcases Charity Donation!

Last month, some members of our Guild got together to sew some pillowcases for children at the local IWK children’s hospital. Members donated materials from their stash or bought for the purpose, then mixed and matched what came together at a sewing day to produce much of the pillowcase batch you see in the gallery below. Some took material home or continued their sewing at home to finish off the large bundle of over 90 pillowcases that you see below.

Thank you very much to everyone who donated and/or sewed the pillowcases! They look fantastic and I’m sure a lot of kids will love them!


About that Origami Quilt Idea

In January, I wrote about the idea of an origami quilt. Basically, use a crease pattern or what the origami would be like if unfolded again to a square with fold marks.


These are available as vector files to scale as large as you like. Use one of these crease patterns to create pieces for a quilt. Quilt it together into a giant square quilt and fold it back to the origami.

You’d have to imagine what that might look like, but it might not be easy considering each shape would be a different colour, shade and/or pattern. However, last weekend, at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) Artist for a Day event, I had a chance to turn some paper making exercise they had into something to help you envision what I was envisioning. So here’s what a quilted crease pattern might look like

Pretend it’s a fabric quilt. Now fold it back into origami format again and you might get something like this.

And as an aside, if anybody ever comes across a cheap and large piece of tie dyed fabric, please let me know. I can turn it into a square like this…

And fold it into a totally different, free form flowing, different kind of origami after adding a little interfacing on the back for stiffness.🙂