A Sewcial Media App Like Strava for Sewing?

And now for a little something different. Unlike most other posts on this blog, this one is fictional, and speculative, more for your entertainment than actual documentation of anything. If that’s not your cup of tea, please brew the next cup. In the meanwhile, please allow me to share a little quiche of my hobbies of running, writing, blogging, and sewing. 🙂

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A (Legislature) Resolution for the Atlantic Sewing Guild

I’m not sure how many of our Guild members made New Year resolutions regarding the making of COVID cloth face masks. However, many members made some 4300 face masks in total for the Northwood Seniors Home, Halifax campus! This was in the early days of the pandemic in 2020, when the facility put out a call for such masks during times when PPEs were in short supply. For this, Lisa Roberts, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia representing Halifax Needham within which Northwood is located, made a Resolution (#453) for the Guild on April 13th, 2021!

Resolution 453 for the Guild
(click to enlarge)

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Sewing Partner/s Challenge

We issue lots of “challenges” here in the Atlantic Sewing Guild as a way to inspire and encourage our members, friends, and supporters to sew different things, in different ways, or with some different twist to them. Among these many challenges, inevitably, some will be taken up by more members than others. Such was the case with the Sewing Partner/s Challenge that was issue several months ago, with results coming in for the past three months! Instead of showing them in bits and pieces, we opted to wait for it all and show it all at once! As you can see, whoever said “good things come to those who wait” was partially wrong given all the great pieces you see here! Pattern titles are linked to the patterns online in case you want to have a look for yourself! Thank you everyone, for all the great garments and the obvious fun you had doing them together as can be seen on your faces in the pictures! And thank you to Reina for the slides!

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