Sew Something You Need Challenge

For the last sewing challenge completely within the 2020-2021 Guild year, we went practical with a challenge to sew something you need. It could be anything – garment, accessory, art, experimental for something you need to know, etc. The key was that you “needed” it in some way.

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Kathryn Brenne and Fashion Fabrics

In April, the Guild was super fortunate to have world renowned designer and sewist, Kathryn Brenne! For the past twenty years, Kathryn has been bringing her consummate knowledge, teaching skills and passion for creating to the Academy of fine Sewing & Design-which she founded in 2000. A graduate of Ryerson University’s Fashion Design program, she is a top selling Vogue Patterns designer, and one of the industry’s most published authors of sewing techniques.

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Mending in the Time of Pandemic

Post Author and Guild Member Faye M

by Guild Member Faye M


Part of my process of cleaning and re-organizing my sewing room is keeping up with mending. I also believe that we have a responsibility to try and keep our clothing in repair and not just throw them out. For example it takes 2000 gallons of water to produce one pair of jeans and many of those found today are not of good quality.

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