Oct 11 Meeting – Show & Tell

Touching beats ordering on the net!


Marilyn is surely one of our most productive members.
She shows us the easy pattern top pattern she found
“somewhere in the ether”,
made up in flowered fabric from the Grandmothers’ Sale.
Lucky Sister will be the recipient of this Simplicity 1540 jacket
which features a 2-way zip & instructions that leave much to be desired.
Edgar had a great idea to customize one of his famous shirts.
There will be no spilly-hands cell phone pockets with his extra pocket placement under the standard pocket spot.
(excellent for when you need to take a bow)
Leanne points out Jalie Élénore 3461 pull-on jeans in which she was surprised to find a no-interface waistband which uses unstretched
1″  elastic that does the job well.
For this technique, the Sandra Betzina Power Sewing Book goes into good detail.

Pat’s student wanted a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” dress style for her graduation, which Pat translated in McCall’s 7085, a basic black woolen which has an extra lush touch of embroidery for the bottom edge.
Her grandson’s Hallowe’en policeman costume was very specially created from his mom’s old paramedic shirt as well as using the reflective tape from her uniform’s pants. The pants also yielded fabric for the hat, along with fake leather for the brim from
Nancy’s Wondrous Stash. (you see – there really is rhyme & reason for every bit of it)
Elizabeth and Nazirah inspect each others’ bowlie creations inspired by our last class where they learned the coiling technique from Brenda.
(it seems all The Creatives talk with their hands…)


Sheila MacDonald, our long-term Atlantic Sewing Guild member is known for her organizational skills and persistence in finishing projects to high standards.  She has graciously given us the list of items that are included in her sewing luggage for those wonderful times when sewing away from home – at one of our classes, “SIN Saturdays” (Sew It Now) or longer sewing retreats.  We know that if we’ve forgotten something (other than the sewing machine – & yes, it happens), Sheila probably has “several somethings” to help us out!  Following is the checklist she reviews when heading out (rather like an airline pilot, she is!).  It would be hard to think of something that Sheila has forgotten.  For those of us with upcoming Seaside Sewing, this will be a great help – thanks S!

In the “Clinique bag:
1. Heat & Bond
2. Fix it tape
3. Wonder tape
4. Design Plus
a) Fusible Bias
b) Fusible Superfine
c) Double Sided
5. Transparent Scotch tape
– Awl
– Fray Stop
– Spray adhesive
1. Yellow
2. 7″  with seam guide
3. measuring tape
– straight pins of choice
1. rotary cutter
2. ergonomic Fiskars, 12″
3. snips
4. paper scissors
5. duck bill scissors
– nylon sock to check for needle burrs
– magnet to pick up spilled pins
– sticky labels to mark right/left or font/back
– extension cord
– bandaids
Pop Top container in Clinique Bag:
– pencil
– pen
– yellow chalk
– seam ripper
– eraser
– Zieman 5-in-1 tool (ruler with slider)
– tweezers
– spray starch
– apron if removing a lot of thread
– medical paper roll
– fabric
– interfacing
– pattern
– lining
– muslin
– hams
– pressing cloth
– clapper
– stabilizers on a roll
Speciality Rulers
– French curve
– quilting rules
Thread kit
– special threads
– multi-spool holder
Needle Bag
– universal needles
– speciality needles
– hand sewing needles
– bees’ wax
– stabilizers
– floss threaders
– tracing paper
– smooth tracing wheel
Foot bag
– speciality feet
– foot control
– electric cord
– tool box
– spare bobbins
– thread for project
– note book
– foot book
– machine user manual


This is a reminder of our ASG meeting Tuesday Oct 11. It’s our annual fabric sale, so bring along fabric you think someone else may love. If possible, please label with your suggested price and indicate the yardage.

You know all that fabric you’ve been saving for a Rainy Day but will never use?  This is the time & place to move it along so you can make room for something else


Is your home starting to look like this?


Then, we have the solution for you….


We’ve even got people who will be eager to help you carry your burden inside!


Sept 13 Meeting – Show & Tell


Row 1 (left to right)

Nancy‘s dress is a Christine Haynes pattern made with reversible sweater fabric.
She actually made these shoes, hand-sewing the sole on with blanket stitch.
Suzanne draped sari fabric for a self-designed wedding dress, sewn over her own custom-boned corset.  (Sewn in the midst of pre-wedding festivities & milling guests.)

Row 2 (left to right)

Bev very kindly helped Tori by Franken-patterning a flower girl’s dress for her granddaughter to wear at Tori’s son’s wedding. whew!  Talk about quick turnaround!
..And she found time to sew the ASG ever-popular DKNY Vogue 1179.
Norma shows her wares from working through the Craftsy bra course.

Row 3

Leanne used linen knit from Patch for her Grainline Hemlock Tee (it’s free!)
Kay sewed “Children’s Choice” shorts from Oliver & S.
Marilyn sewed a sweater for her lucky sister with McCall’s 6796, making her own ribbing at cuff & shoulder by pin-tucking the fabric.
Lorna draped this panel on her mannequin, finding the best approach when patterns weren’t work.

Row 4

Elizabeth used special fabric from her grandmother for this McCall’s 7018 shirt.
Pat embroidered special “Sea la Vie” pillows for the back of the house pillows.