Sewing Challenges

As inspiration to stimulate members to make time to sew, we offer Sewing Challenges during our monthly meetings.

Members are encouraged to participate and then present their completed makes at upcoming meetings.

Recent examples include:

All the Denim

The challenge was to use at least two denims, i.e. two colours, two weights in one project. Your project can be any item, not necessarily a piece of clothing.

And – to help us get started, one of our members offered to bring a couple of jean scraps to our meeting and they were up for grabs!

Vintage Challenge

Vintage, for this challenge meant something at least 20 years old but not more than 100 years old, which might be considered “historic”.

Some ideas for this challenge were:

  • Use a vintage pattern
  • Use a TNT (tried and true) pattern but adapt it to a vintage style
  • Use a vintage fabric
  • Make any article such as clothing, something home decor or simply useful or make something for somebody else
  • Make something from a vintage sewing book, such as Simplicity’s series of books use a vintage sewing machine to sew your project
  • Consider that anything (pattern, fabric, notion, etc.) that has been in your stash at least twenty years is vintage!


Try searching “Vintage sewing patterns” on Pinterest, Etsy, EBay or Amazon to find some ideas

Easy Breezy Summer Challenge

Not all of us sew a lot during the summer but we may like something quick and easy for a rainy day project.

For the “Easy” part of the challenge

– use an easy pattern
– use a fabric that is easy to work with or care for
– make something that is easy to pack and take with you
– make something that makes life easier, like a tote bag or kitchen item

For the “Breezy” part of the challenge

– use a light material, perhaps something flowy if its breezy
– use a material with holes or cut-outs so you can feel the breeze
– make something a little cozy for cooler summer nights
– make something wind and/or water resistant for cool and wet days
(Let’s hope there are none of those for the next few months!)
– maybe make a hat with a chin strap for breezy days


Search websites for “one-hour tops”, or “quick and easy sewing”, and maybe you will find patterns or inspiration for such things as t-shirts, tank tops, peasant blouses, elastic waist skirts, one-seam pants, simple sundresses and using fabrics such as linen or cotton.

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