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Where Can One Buy Good Personal Umbrella Fabrics?

Does anyone know where I can find some good fabric for umbrellas?

No, I’m not planning to make an umbrella to chase after Mary Poppins. I hear she’s no longer eligible. My Matrix rain coat isn’t appropriate for all occasions. I just thought umbrella fabrics, the kind for personal use rather than patio, would be light, fairly waterproof, with some having beautiful designs on them. Those umbrella makers must get their fabrics from somewhere. But where is a reliable source?

An Internet search shows various “umbrella fabrics” sites, but those are just company names. I would also have no idea if they were reliable. I see Alibaba.com has a ton of such fabrics, but they tend to want at least 1000 meters minimum per order. I wonder how they came to think everybody lived in Vancouver?

Maybe there’s an umbrella shop in the Halifax area that can provide hints? We get our fair share of rain, though umbrellas are a bad investment with the wind here! It’s great for Matrix coats, though! 🙂

If anyone has any suggestions where I can get a handful of metres of umbrella fabrics, please let me know. Thanks!