What’s Your Sewing Identity?

Sew, here’s a simple question for you in preparation for the new sewing year for the Guild (or your own efforts).

If you had to describe your sewing in a minute long elevator ride, how would you do it? The minute long “elevator pitch” is a common summary style concept used in everything from sales to business to military briefings, among other situations. It can be prepared, but really, to be true to stepping into an elevator for a short ride and having someone ask you about it, give an off the cuff answer.

Then, after you answer that, ask yourself so will you be changing up anything this year?

I guess if I’m going to be asking that of you, I should provide an answer myself.

I sew a wide variety of garments for men and women that are eye catching from across the street or further away, for reasons of style, design, colours, symbolism and/or other features. I prefer solids and high contrast, three colour combinations over prints and patterns, though I am fond of jacquard and textured fabrics when I can find the right features on them. I serge just about everything for durability and quality, and have as much practicality in my designs as flash. If I’m wearing something I made, or showing off something I made for someone else, doesn’t make me feel proud, I either don’t start it or donate it rather than keep it.

I wouldn’t change anything, only expand my portfolio and repertoire.

And you?

Please leave your answers in a comment, or at least think about the question for your sewing this year. It’s good to just stop and get a self-analytical overview from time to time.

Introducing the Pajama Style Dress Pants

Introducing the Pajama Style Dress Pants

Sewn like pajama pants through the crotch, but with dress pant style pockets, no fly zipper, elastic waist band, these pants look sharper than dress pants for lack of folds, but are a million times easier to make and far sturdier! I only have a muslin for now, but I’m now willing to devote time to making dress pants cause they were too thankless for me otherwise with effort involved and lack of design deemed appropriate for professional settings. That’s not to say I’m not going to be making and maybe wearing stuff with jacquard prints, or white, or maybe even toile prints, lol! Definitely for casual wear, and I will have the sharpest pajama pants in a pretty big geographic radius, I imagine!

And hey, works just as well for women!

When something’s not good enough for you, invent something better! 🙂

Some Fashion and Style Quotes

I needed to get some fashion attitude in starting to redo my wardrobe, and for wearing it, so I went in search of some fashion and style quotes. I thought I’d share what I collected, with a bunch of shoes quote I know some of the ladies would like, whether for real or for laughs.

If you see some of the attitudes promoted by these quotes coming through in my designs, well, don’t say you weren’t forewarned! 🙂

Click to enlarge the picture quotes for easier reading!

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