Courses, Course Sales and Sewing Humour

NSCAD Continuing Studies just put out its list of Summer 2015 courses. Not too much on the fashion and textiles section except Beginner Sewing and Weaving, which could definitely be interesting. But lots of other interesting and artistic courses as well!

From Faye, Craftsy is having a class flash sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY. Up to 50% off on almost 700 classes. If you want to focus on sewing classes, please click here instead. THIS WEEKEND ONLY remember! (Apr 11 & 12).

And from Kathleen, a little humour… 🙂

Thanks Faye and Kathleen!

More Machines for Sale

We seem to have a secret agenda to be taking over the Sewing Section of Kijiji or something! This notice is from our new President, Josée!

These two old sewing machines, for those who rescue old sewing machines, can be found at the Re-store in Dartmouth.

121 Ilsley Avenue, Unit U
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1S4

Phone: (902) 405-3755



The Necchi has lots of accessories and a price tag of $100.  As for the Brother machine at $80, she could not find any accessories.

Good luck if you’re going after them!

A Pattern for Collars (Simplicity 1727)

A Pattern for Collars (Simplicity 1727)

I found this new pattern online this morning and thought I’d share why I thought it’d be of value to most sewists, myself included, on my blog. However, I don’t have a review on how good the pattern is, because I haven’t tried it, obviously.

Simplicity is on sale later this month at Fabricville for $1.99 each, if you need one, between Oct 29 to Nov 2. However, Read more

Fabricville’s September 2012 Sale (Sept 4 to 25)

The Fabricville September Sale flyer is out! There are lots of highlights that many people will be interested in. However, here is a summary of some of the highlights I think most people would be interested in. Fabricville does not have an online version to link to, unfortunately, so I have to summarize things here. Just know that I won’t be summarizing in quite this level of details in the future as people will get used to seeing these announcements, if people want them, and go get the flyers themselves.

Here is a list of their Maritimes stores for you to decide which to visit. Just note that while some, possibly most, content are common to most stores, each store definitely have their own unique stock. I certainly have favourite stores from which I buy a lot more fabric simply because they carry more of the styles I like!

Also please note that mistakes may have been made in transferring over information from flyer to this blog post. If the store disputes the information, please check their flyer and do not claim you saw otherwise here! 🙂

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