Still More Retreat Pics

These are from Kathleen. Please click to enlarge. Thank you, Kathleen!

Looks like it was a great time! I was singing in choir rehearsal, then concert, then sewing while watching March Madness, but I’ll get my priorities straight next time! 🙂


More Retreat Pics

From Faye
Well we started with now and ended with sleet, but I had a wonderful time, learned a lot, accomplished a lot and especially got recharged with my time away from home.
Thank you everybody who contributed to my success and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the wine or treats brought in.
I have attached some photos I took for you all to enjoy and gasp in horror at our antics!
Please click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Retreat! Retreat!

Sew Long!!!

I’m Gone…

To The
Atlantic Sewing Guild Retreat!
March 26-30, 2014
Who should come? Anyone who enjoys working with thread and fabric in the company of like minded people. We are expecting lots of garment sewers, but quilters, lace makers – all are welcome.

What is it? Four days of glorious time to work at your craft while enjoying the company of others. Workshops are not planned. Bring your own projects and work along side others. Tables and space will be provided.

  • Opportunities to work with others on similar projects. Handbags? Chanel jacket? Undies? Tell us what you want to work on and we’ll partner you up.
  • Lots of space to spread out and just sew. The site will be secure and you don’t need to pack up at the end of the day.
  • Time set aside daily to discuss fitting issues, techniques, styling – whatever comes up.
  • A Tools of the Trade table where you can try out tools or check out items you’ve wondered about.
  • Pressing and cutting area provided.
  • Books and DVD’s to curl up with.
  • Someone else to cook and clean.
  • Social evenings.
  • An opportunity to visit the local Guy Frenchies
  • Smiles and surprises daily