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Pictures of Gloria Drysdale’s “Crazy Quilt” Coats, and Necklaces

At our December meeting, we got to see and hear about Gloria Drysdale’s “crazy quilt” coats made by her Mother, Violet Drysdale. Her Mother learned to embroider from her grandmother when she was only five years old. In 1974, Gloria’s Mother made her “crazy quilt” coat and literally covered it with hand embroidery. She drew with her threads as others would draw with a pencil. Look at the results below with some close-ups.

Gloria also brought some gorgeous handmade necklaces she has recently made, of which we also have pictures. Enjoy!

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Pictures from November 2015 ASG Meeting

Here are the pictures I got from our November meeting. There aren’t many with people in it because it’s hard to get good pictures of people when they’re talking. We clearly need to make more things out of cheese… or things that rhyme with cheese. 🙂

There were many beautiful and clever Christmas quickies items members were shown how to make, and some beautiful show and tell items as usual.

Sorry for these being late. Work had put me in a course that was far more demanding than what was stated.