The Guild’s 90+ Pillowcases Charity Donation!

Last month, some members of our Guild got together to sew some pillowcases for children at the local IWK children’s hospital. Members donated materials from their stash or bought for the purpose, then mixed and matched what came together at a sewing day to produce much of the pillowcase batch you see in the gallery below. Some took material home or continued their sewing at home to finish off the large bundle of over 90 pillowcases that you see below.

Thank you very much to everyone who donated and/or sewed the pillowcases! They look fantastic and I’m sure a lot of kids will love them!


Sewing an Easy or Casual Single “Mattress”

Sewing an Easy or Casual Single “Mattress”

I’m sure you won’t need my “instructions”, but you might like my idea of an alternative version of this SIY (sew-it-yourself) “mattress” using curtains or big print fabric rather than a bunch of little pillowcases sewn together.

I won’t be able to try this till April, or May, with my upcoming trip. However, I’ve tested the instructions outlined with paper to know it works.