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The True Story of Coco Chanel on PBS

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Thursday night (Mar 27), 9 PM our time (Atlantic Standard Time), WGBH (PBS Boston). That would be Channel 4 on cable for some. Check your TV package for what it is on your TV.

From the Extraordinary Women series, they are featuring Coco Chanel and her real story, not the carefully crafted public image one.

Sounds like a fantastic story of an icon, but probably not the one you know unless you had done a lot of research!

And if that doesn’t satisfy you, Wallis Simpson and Agatha Christie follows!

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p.s. That quote is why you should always insist on getting the best things in life. 🙂


Could Your Future Clothing Be Made from… SLIME ???

Four minute story from PBS Nova, read to you via audio, or you can read the story and see the pics. It’s the work of Tim Winegard at our own Canadian University of Guelph.


Personally, I’d rather have clothing made from artificially produced spider webs, thank you. Another 4 minute story with Randy Lewis, Nicolas Godley and David Pogue. This is absolutely fascinating!


The whole episode that includes other materials is in this video.