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Jan 12th Classes Changed to Weekender Tote Bag Class (Loes Hinse 5401)

The classes originally scheduled for January 12th, 2013, have had their topics changed.

Originally, the classes were Fly Zipper by Jerry Craig, and Techniques, by Faye Morrison.

They will now be one class, making a Tote (Weekender) Bag from Loes Hinse pattern 5401, to be taught by Vickie Craig. It is a half day class.

If you order the pattern soon, you will get it by the class date of January 12, 2013. It will take a few weeks for the pattern to arrive after you order.

The class is at the Halifax Christian Church, at 51 Farnham Gate Road in Clayton Park West/Rockingham. (see map at below).

More information on class rules and requirements (especially for payment), and other classes still upcoming, can be found on our Classes page.

If anyone is interested, please get in touch with Vickie Craig as soon as possible! An email has gone out to members with Vickie’s contact information, not left her to avoid spamming her. Non-members, please leave a comment (requiring your email) and I will send you the contact information.


A Pattern for Collars (Simplicity 1727)

A Pattern for Collars (Simplicity 1727)

I found this new pattern online this morning and thought I’d share why I thought it’d be of value to most sewists, myself included, on my blog. However, I don’t have a review on how good the pattern is, because I haven’t tried it, obviously.

Simplicity is on sale later this month at Fabricville for $1.99 each, if you need one, between Oct 29 to Nov 2. However, Continue reading A Pattern for Collars (Simplicity 1727)