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Repeat After Me, Chsee… Pao? (Qipao)

I’ve mentioned the Chinese Qípáo before (also called cheongsam), in our Guild meetings and on this site. However, I’ve been “Anglicizing” the pronunciation incorrectly to call it “Kee pow”. The correction pronunciation is actually more like “Chsee Pao?”, with intonation to raise your voice on the second syllable like asking a question, as shown in the beautiful below about the nature and brief history of the Qípáo.

This is supposedly part of a series of 100 words that “represent the essence of traditional Chinese culture, reflect its extensive and profound nature from different angles, and help people overseas better understand China and Chinese culture.”

To think, of all the words they could have chosen for their 100 words, Qípáo was one of them! That makes me all the more excited to be making one in October!

Btw, notice the 26 measurements they require to make one of these things. That’s crazy craftsmanship. The measurements sheet I recently posted seem pretty lame in light of this! I need to learn more about this. For now, though, I’ll have to settle for making the “Anglicized” version of the Qípáo from the Folkwear pattern 122. I’ll learn the details when I find someone who knows the details.

You can see more Qípáo here on my Fashion Pinterest board dedicated to modern Chinese culture. There are some seriously stunning garments here!


Class — Yoga Pants — FULL

This class is now full.

This slim fitting pant is in all the fashion stores this year.  Yoga pants are not just for exercise, they can be made in a variety of stretch fabrics  to look like dress pants. It has a slim fitting look with a 2″ waist band.  You should be able to complete this 3-piece yoga pants Silhouette Patterns, #3400 pattern in one class. It can be ordered online via the previous link for $14.00 US, plus shipping. The morning is for fitting and cutting, the afternoon is for construction.

For construction, a pant weight rayon knit is recommended. Peggy Sagers suggests a Ponte Roma.

Teacher: Mary Baxter

Dates: November 16, 2013

Please click here for more classes and class related information (location, payment, etc.)

Class — Sew a Fully Lined Jacket


Sew a fully-lined jacket the modern way, using fusible interfacing to shape and tailor the fabric instead of hand pad stitching. Armani constructs designer jackets this way, and so can you!

The pattern for the three day class is McCall’s 6172, The Perfect Jacket, from Palmer/Pletsch. It’s a close fitting, fully lined jacket featuring a notched collar, 2-piece sleeves, and welt or patch pockets. With three finished lengths — cropped, hip, and below hip — it’s a classic jacket. And because it’s a Palmer/Pletsch pattern, it’s been designed for success!

Day 1

  • Tissue-fit pattern, fabric prep, cutting pattern from fabrics and interfacing, fusing interfacing.

Day 2

  • Assemble outer shell of jacket including welt/patch pockets, buttonhole prep, sleeves

Day 3

  • Assemble lining, attach lining and outer shell, finishing work

With a week in between classes, there is plenty of time for slower sewers to catch up. We want a happy sewing class, not a harried one!

Recommended fabrics: wool crepe, wool gabardine, wool blends, wool tweed. (Wool is a great fabric for tailoring!)

An optional notions package, including Palmer/Pletsch interfacing, and sleeve head interfacing, will be available if desired.

Teacher: Tory LeBlanc

Dates: Oct 19 and 26, Nov 2, 2013 (3 days)

Please click here for more classes and class related information (location, payment, etc.)