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Sewing Milestones and Flukes

On Saturday, I finished my first ever 4000m spool of serging thread. It only took me about 3 years… serging as part of my sewing hobby, not doing this for a living.

It’s a LOT of thread, once upon a time thinking it’d take me a decade to use up that spool. However, I should be finishing off at least 3 more in the next few months because 3 other spools are close to being done, with serging often using 3-5 spools of thread at a time, rather than 1 as is often the case for sewing. Combined with other colours, I’ve probably used up a dozen or so of such spools over all this time. Don’t ask me where it all went. I can’t imagine nearly that much thread among everything I’ve ever made, but of course I’ve used it. My idea of how much thread there is in a garment is just way off the reality.

By fluke, on Saturday, I also finished off two 1000m spools of sewing threads. They were white and grey, with the latter most often used as basting thread that I sew into my seams before serging so I don’t have have to unpin during serging. I was making some pajamas with lots of white and grey and used the white to sew down seams and folds.

It’s not often I finish a spool of 1000m thread, either. So to have two in a day, with a 4000m serger spool on the same day, now that’s a fluke!