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Enhance and Bless Your Sewing with Symbolic Stitches

Here’s a fun idea and game to add a little creativity to your sewing with stitches. Look your stitch dashboard on your machine. Give each or some meanings, especially the decorative ones, but even the basic ones you use a lot. Give them meanings as if they were symbols for luck, longevity, health, prosperity, etc.

Then keep these in mind when you sew and have to use a stitch, especially a visible decorative stitch, to “bless” your garment with luck, prosperity, etc. Choose the stitch best suited for the purpose of your garment, like prosperity for a professional garment, health for pyjamas in which you sleep and rest a lot, and so on!

Attached is a sample stitch board, which may have some common stitches to your machine, but you should really use your own machine’s stitch selection for this to be practical.

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