Enhance and Bless Your Sewing with Symbolic Stitches

Here’s a fun idea and game to add a little creativity to your sewing with stitches. Look your stitch dashboard on your machine. Give each or some meanings, especially the decorative ones, but even the basic ones you use a lot. Give them meanings as if they were symbols for luck, longevity, health, prosperity, etc.

Then keep these in mind when you sew and have to use a stitch, especially a visible decorative stitch, to “bless” your garment with luck, prosperity, etc. Choose the stitch best suited for the purpose of your garment, like prosperity for a professional garment, health for pyjamas in which you sleep and rest a lot, and so on!

Attached is a sample stitch board, which may have some common stitches to your machine, but you should really use your own machine’s stitch selection for this to be practical.

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Sewing Machine Songs

Faye wanted to share this with our members. 🙂

She actually wanted to share the scene below, but I think she was meaning the entire song that’s above.

But in my search for that full song, guess what I found! 🙂

Patch Fabric Store Review

PATCH is a relatively new fabric store in Halifax at the time of writing (Aug 15 2014). This detailed review is from one of our Guild members, Faye M. who visited the store Thursday. Thank you Faye!

I visited Patch this morning. It is located on the east side of Robie St. On street 2 hour parking is found across from the store on the west side of Willow.

Sewing classes will be geared towards beginners and no longer than 3 hours. They will be project based to teach varied skills. However, the objective is to teach how to sew, not to fit.  Class lists are supposed to be ready soon and to start in Sept.

Patterns are intriguing with lots of independents coming. I bought a Liberty pattern myself, which is a British brand.  Sewholic patterns and Oliver (children’s) were displayed. Colette patterns are enroute and will be carried.

Some limited but quality books i.e. Colette Handbook, and some on quilting, and dyeing fabrics, are available in addition to a few basic quilting rulers primarily to be used for classes to be held. I purchased some black twill tape which I had been unable to purchase elsewhere.

Half the store is a classroom setting with Bernina sewing machines and serger ready for rentals.  Want to try out this brand – here’s your chance. Test drive a pattern and see how you like sewing with them.  Have your machine break down or need servicing and need a project completed yesterday – this store will come to the rescue. Lots of possibilities including space constraints in your living quarters or temporary housing, and this store can come to your rescue.

Lovely cotton by Liberty is available as are some pretty chambrays. The selection is limited but that is to be expected with a new fledgling store. I noticed some good quality solid white cotton which is hard to find.

I did mention that I was from the Guild but did not receive a discount upon purchase – Perhaps that may come later when the store is more established and financially sound.

All in all the store has a good start.  The hours are limited as only the owner is there 10 to 5, Tues to Sat, but is open on Sun, 12 to 5 for the worker bees.


As with all individual reviews shared on a group platform,
it needs to be stated that this review represents the opinion
of the reviewing member and not necessarily that of the Guild.


Store info

Patch is owned by Christina Pasquet, who came to visit us at the Guild early this year.

The store is at 2571 Robie Street at Willow.

Their website, patchhalifax.com, is not yet up at time writing.

They are on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ patchhalifax/info

Phone (902) 423-0303

Email​ ​ hello@patchhalifax.com

More Machines for Sale

We seem to have a secret agenda to be taking over the Sewing Section of Kijiji or something! This notice is from our new President, Josée!

These two old sewing machines, for those who rescue old sewing machines, can be found at the Re-store in Dartmouth.

121 Ilsley Avenue, Unit U
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1S4

Email: restoremanager@habitatns.ca
Phone: (902) 405-3755



The Necchi has lots of accessories and a price tag of $100.  As for the Brother machine at $80, she could not find any accessories.

Good luck if you’re going after them!