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How Would You Gauge Buying Fabric by the Pound?

I saw this sign in the LA Fashion District at Michael Levine’s.

fabric by the pound sign

Fabric by the pound, eh? I’ve never thought of it that way. I have no way to relate because I’ve never measured my fabrics. I don’t know if this were a thrift part of the store, or what, but I’ll find out some time this week. Being an analytical type, though, I’ll need some frame of reference to judge value. I don’t know if pieces will be precut or not, but I probably won’t buy much if I don’t know how much a few yards might come to in price as I would have no idea of weight.

We’ll see, but if anybody has any good guidelines or suggestions, do share. Please post as comment or if you are in the guild, please send to Guild gmail. I’m having trouble with my personal Hotmail account. No access till I get home.


Some Fashion and Style Quotes

I needed to get some fashion attitude in starting to redo my wardrobe, and for wearing it, so I went in search of some fashion and style quotes. I thought I’d share what I collected, with a bunch of shoes quote I know some of the ladies would like, whether for real or for laughs.

If you see some of the attitudes promoted by these quotes coming through in my designs, well, don’t say you weren’t forewarned! 🙂

Click to enlarge the picture quotes for easier reading!

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