Silicon Valley Fashion

Nerds aren’t generally known for their fashion or fashion tastes. However, the nerds of Silicon Valley aren’t exactly your stereotypical ones. For one thing, they’re quite successful and rich, and they’re generally pretty hip with their innovative thinking, workspace, work culture, open-mind, etc.

Well, now, you can add innovative fashion to it with emoji prints, anti-photobombing jackets, drones showing off fashion rather than models, glow in the dark stuff, and so on! Not to mention just good old form fitting stuff from breathable fabrics astronauts use in space.

Of course, being successful enough to afford that kind of materials helps if you ever wanted to make anything out of such materials.

See more on this great CNN article.

And yes, Silicon Valley did have its own fashion week!

Maybe that’s where my market is! Tech and fashion! Hmmm. Feels like it’s made for me. 🙂

22 Fashion Infographics You Might Want to Have

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it will be a good sewing one for you!

First post of the year is this great post I found via Pinterest. The original article states you need these infographics in your life, but I think I can do without the harem pants one… being a guy. lol

They have some fantastic infographics, though, like this one below.

I hope you’ll like the rest (click on link above) as much!

Types of Textiles

How Would You Gauge Buying Fabric by the Pound?

I saw this sign in the LA Fashion District at Michael Levine’s.

fabric by the pound sign

Fabric by the pound, eh? I’ve never thought of it that way. I have no way to relate because I’ve never measured my fabrics. I don’t know if this were a thrift part of the store, or what, but I’ll find out some time this week. Being an analytical type, though, I’ll need some frame of reference to judge value. I don’t know if pieces will be precut or not, but I probably won’t buy much if I don’t know how much a few yards might come to in price as I would have no idea of weight.

We’ll see, but if anybody has any good guidelines or suggestions, do share. Please post as comment or if you are in the guild, please send to Guild gmail. I’m having trouble with my personal Hotmail account. No access till I get home.

Vaudeville Dalhousie Student Run Fashion Design Show Sat Mar 15

Saturday, March 15 at 8:00pm

Four Points by Sheraton Halifax,1496 Hollis Street (see map at bottom)

$15 (includes after party cover for Pacifico)

From several of their write-up mashed together…

Vaudeville is Dalhousie’s first ever student-produced charity fashion show featuring all original student garments. It is more than your typical runway show; it is a showcase of fresh and innovative design thinking that aims to challenge ideas of fashion as being purely a commercial industry or as always adhering to conventional norms of beauty.

Vaudeville is a collective of eight student designers who are rejecting fashion stereotypes and clichés to create a diverse range of mini-collections linked only by their uniqueness. The word “Vaudeville” dates to the late 19th and early 20th century and describes a form of variety show popular in North America at the time. Vaudevillian entertainment brought together a range of original acts – from comedy to dance to magic to animal training – into one cohesive theatrical performance. In a nod to this form of variety entertainment, our show aims to bring together a diverse range of design concepts into one unforgettable experience.

100% of the money from every single ticket sold will go directly to Dress for Success Halifax, an incredible local charity that helps economically disadvantaged women in Halifax gain economic independence by providing them with professional attire, job training, and much more.

Attendees aged 19+ are invited after the show to join the Vaudeville cast and crew for an exclusive party at Pacifico Nightclub. Pacifico will be waiving cover charges for all 19+ Vaudeville ticket-holders.

You can get tickets here till Friday night, or at the door (if available).

Some Fashion and Style Quotes

I needed to get some fashion attitude in starting to redo my wardrobe, and for wearing it, so I went in search of some fashion and style quotes. I thought I’d share what I collected, with a bunch of shoes quote I know some of the ladies would like, whether for real or for laughs.

If you see some of the attitudes promoted by these quotes coming through in my designs, well, don’t say you weren’t forewarned! 🙂

Click to enlarge the picture quotes for easier reading!

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Does Anyone Know Anything About Covet Fashion – The Game App for iPad & iPhone?

Sample Covet Fashion Design
Sample Covet Fashion Design

Update: LeeAnne has had a quick look and provided a few comments in case listed at the end of the post, so you may want to look at them before deciding if you want to have a look. Thanks to LeeAnne!

I happened across this free app for iPad and iPhone that looks like a nice little design game, called Covet Fashion version 2.7.1. However, I have neither an iPad nor iPhone to try it. Does anyone know anything about it? Or if you care to download and try, can you show me it sometime?

Supposedly, it’s a bit of a game because people vote on designs, though someone said hardly anyone votes. I can see that as it’s probably a pretty niche audience. However, if it’s anything like a real good version of Wild Ginger pattern design software in terms of designs (rather than patterns), I think I would LOVE it! That’s because the previews in Wild Ginger are absolutely horrible! Their user interface is, too!

But if Covet Fashion were anything like I think it might be, I could use it as a design preview before going to Wild Ginger for something close given all the style options available in Wild Ginger. At least the key thing is I’ll know what I’m wanting before I design it. In Wild Ginger, I’m not really sure what I’m getting by choosing certain options cause the preview is that bad.

I hope some of our iPad addicts can tell me. Thanks.

101 Things I Learned in Fashion School

101 Things I Learned in Fashion School.

After our last Guild meeting, I ventured yet again to New York. While there, I took some time to focus on fashion rather than fabrics. I ventured into a huge Barnes & Nobles store at Union Square and looked through their good sized fashion section to find some books I thought would be good to look into more later. We could get a lot of them in Canada so there was no need to fill my baggage with them, but it really helps to look through books in person rather than online to know not only what was available, but what was in each one to see if it might really be of interest. That’s the thing I love about American book stores. They have so many books we just don’t show or carry in Canada! And how is one really supposed to know what one can get if one doesn’t know it exists?

I’ll write more on many of those books in the near future. However, here’s the one I did buy for practical value to an untrained person like me, and because it was cheap enough I didn’t mind getting it at the undiscounted US price compared to discounted Canadian price. Kind of like a small fee for having it as reading material at the airport sort of thing, rather than waiting a week after I get home to get it shipped.

I liked it, but considering we’re a Sewing Guild and not a Fashion Guild, I’m not sure I’d recommend it for our library. Still, considering we make garments, a good fundamental fashion knowledge isn’t a bad thing.