Making a Body Double Class

On Saturday, Guild Members Fran, Kathleen and I took part in the Making a Body Double Class given by our President, Josée.

The class was very informative, enjoyable and interesting, with something really useful for us sewists at the end, a dress form just like our own bodies!

Josée had a fairly easy and easy to follow set of instructions with garbage bags, packing tape, scissors, exacto knife, Sharpie pens, and weight on end of string (plumb weight). The process was methodical to tape on three layers, with short tape strips for areas with more curvature. The first was to be done slowly to get the shaping right, mostly up and down but sometimes in the direction of curvature. The second crossed that perpendicularly, and the third was back in the same direction as the first, for some strength.

Then came markings of gravity lines, where a weight on a string hangs from the front, back and sides. Contrast that with where you look visually centred, in case you aren’t ideally shaped and/or bent in those areas. This helps you put seams where they look aesthetically pleasing rather than where gravity lines are that pattern lines tend to be built on cause they are designed for more symmetric and uniform bodies than most of us have.

Notches were then put on like zippers (but not so close like real zipper teeth are) so that when we were cut out at the back, we would know how to line up the marks to close and fill the body doubles again. A horizontal line was also made so that we would know how high to properly mount the body double. Good for full length gown or pants gauging as well. We did this, as well as got the body double made, in shoes we normally wore for the same heights and body stature.

Finally, we were cut out of our body shells. We will mount and stuff the body doubles later.

I didn’t have someone to work on so Josée was nice enough to do a full body double for me, and not just the torso like a dress form. I will make use of this making body armour style costumes where arm and leg joint lengths and thicknesses, will be key. They would be next to impossible to measure accurately on my own, and cumbersome to do with others measuring as it would be a trial and error process throughout that would require lots of remeasurement and eyeballing. That person would be there almost the entire time, in other words, but not with my body double! Picture is at the bottom.

Thanks to Josée and classmates for a wonderful, enjoyable and useful class! If Josée ever offers it again, I’m sure I can speak for my classmates that we would highly recommend it!

body double

ILLUSION Dress Shirt (Take 2)

ILLUSION Dress Shirt (Take 2).

I’m still on pace for a garment a week on average so far this summer, while still having time to play lots of tennis. I won’t post most here so as not to hog the blog, still wishing more members would email me their garments pictures and writing details to post, or just other content to post. However, I will post the occasional garment I make that I really want to share and not wait till the fall. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!


Introducing the Pajama Style Dress Pants

Introducing the Pajama Style Dress Pants

Sewn like pajama pants through the crotch, but with dress pant style pockets, no fly zipper, elastic waist band, these pants look sharper than dress pants for lack of folds, but are a million times easier to make and far sturdier! I only have a muslin for now, but I’m now willing to devote time to making dress pants cause they were too thankless for me otherwise with effort involved and lack of design deemed appropriate for professional settings. That’s not to say I’m not going to be making and maybe wearing stuff with jacquard prints, or white, or maybe even toile prints, lol! Definitely for casual wear, and I will have the sharpest pajama pants in a pretty big geographic radius, I imagine!

And hey, works just as well for women!

When something’s not good enough for you, invent something better! 🙂


The TRANQUILITY Dress Shirt.

I got my serger back (thanks to Pat for making it easier). Got further fitted patterns for my dress shirt. Dug into my stash of good fabrics at last for a full garment. Began a new garment design and making era with my Chinese Cowboy style dress shirt that I wore to work today and felt like a million bucks in. 🙂

Now to see how many more I can get done of different designs before our next Guild meeting… and going back to feeling $1.65 every day in the meanwhile in my regular old clothes.

The MUSLIN Pajama Top

The MUSLIN Pajama Top.

Second go around at dress shirt fitting, with the hep of Tory and others. Instead of wasting muslins that I end up donating as fabric for craft makers, I salvage them for pajama tops now. They’re MORE than good enough for pajama tops cause it’s not like they’re not well-fitted. They’re just not perfectly fitted. 🙂