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Very Easy DIY Wheel or Ringed Buttons

DIY Wheeled buttons

Very Easy DIY Wheel or Ringed Buttons

Desperation and necessity led me to invent this today while shopping at Fabricville. 🙂

Goes with my new look I hope to show our members at our June meeting next week.

Would this count as embellishments for our new challenge nobody has yet to send me text for to post?


Sewing an Easy or Casual Single “Mattress”

Sewing an Easy or Casual Single “Mattress”

I’m sure you won’t need my “instructions”, but you might like my idea of an alternative version of this SIY (sew-it-yourself) “mattress” using curtains or big print fabric rather than a bunch of little pillowcases sewn together.

I won’t be able to try this till April, or May, with my upcoming trip. However, I’ve tested the instructions outlined with paper to know it works.

Foam Toe Separators to Store Bobbins

I just saw this idea on Pinterest.

foam toe separators bobbins foam toe separators bobbins2

You can get the details here and here. Seems pretty easy and practical to me. I don’t give myself pedicures so I don’t have one of these handy to know how they work but perhaps someone in the Guild does.

I should go buy some to try, if nothing else just to see the person’s look at a guy buying these things, lol.