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Cocktail Aprons and Free Apron Patterns

I just saw cocktail aprons for the first time. I’ve attached three pictures below from the Metropolitan Museum of Art via my Pinterest account. However, I haven’t found a definition for what they are. Even Wikipedia doesn’t have anything on them! That’s rare, even though I know they’re not that rare of a thing.

Maybe they’re aprons worn at cocktail dress themed cocktail parties?

I know one thing, though. I like them! Looks more like a craft than a sewing project to make, though. There are links to a variety of free apron patterns here if you like, one of which is a cocktail apron supposedly, but it doesn’t look anything like the ones here. Probably that’s why it’s not in the MET!

Simplicity had one in 1956, apparently. 🙂

I say just buy something close, or get a dress skirt like it and custom modify.