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Pictures of Gloria Drysdale’s “Crazy Quilt” Coats, and Necklaces

At our December meeting, we got to see and hear about Gloria Drysdale’s “crazy quilt” coats made by her Mother, Violet Drysdale. Her Mother learned to embroider from her grandmother when she was only five years old. In 1974, Gloria’s Mother made her “crazy quilt” coat and literally covered it with hand embroidery. She drew with her threads as others would draw with a pencil. Look at the results below with some close-ups.

Gloria also brought some gorgeous handmade necklaces she has recently made, of which we also have pictures. Enjoy!

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Revenge of the Frustrated Sewist

I had a very frustrating sewing day yesterday. In the post, I talked a bit about my habits to get back on track when these things happen. One of the points was to get back on either an easy project, fun project, or whatever, just to get something done right again and walk in the right direction as quickly as possible.

Well, that didn’t take me long! Got two garments done today which I’ll talk about more later.

ELRIC office jacket
ELRIC office jacket
TOXIC long tights
TOXIC long tights

I’m going to start giving each item I make and design a one word name for quick reference.

The ELRIC office jacket was inspired by something an anime character named Edward Elric wore. You can see from the inset. Mine is nicer, from fake Chinese silks, padded with jersey and lined with anti-static Bemberg lining. Protects me from air conditioning at work. Clasp is coming.

The TOXIC running tights are so named for the skull and crossbones on them. From afar, they may look like polka dots, or flowers nearer, but they’re anything but so tame! Told ya I had some wild stuff in my spandex stash! You should know, though, I start with the stuff I’m willing to part with first in case my skills are sufficient and I lose the fabric in messing up. You wait and see what else is coming!

Now, what will tomorrow hold? 🙂