Exhausted Labour Labels Show Up in Discount Clothing in Primark Stores

Contribution from Kathleen

On the topics of unethical labour towards the creation of clothing, some may have read Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion.

Recently, some clothing items in the discount store Primark have turned up in Wales with labels sewn in reading “Forced to work exhausting hours”. (story here)

Certainly is eye opening to be more aware of from where your bought clothes come, by whom they are made, how and under what conditions, no matter what the motive is behind the labels.

Could Your Future Clothing Be Made from… SLIME ???

Four minute story from PBS Nova, read to you via audio, or you can read the story and see the pics. It’s the work of Tim Winegard at our own Canadian University of Guelph.


Personally, I’d rather have clothing made from artificially produced spider webs, thank you. Another 4 minute story with Randy Lewis, Nicolas Godley and David Pogue. This is absolutely fascinating!


The whole episode that includes other materials is in this video.

Do Black Clothes Really Make You Look Thinner?

Recently, the Globe and Mail ran an article on whether or not black clothes really make you look slimmer (article). It discusses the theory, trends and then tackles its aspects head on. Problem is, it’s written by a novelist… and a guy. Not that novelists can’t know fashion, and some guys definitely do know fashion if you look at a list of top designers. However, those guys aren’t novelists. Does this Russel Smith novelist know what he’s talking about? After all, he’s not a woman wearing black! He’s probably never made any black garments. And he’s no scientist as far as I know to be breaking down the science of black image. But maybe he has some good points. What do you think?

According to Russell

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