Machines and Dealers

Sewing Machines

These are Canadian sites for major sewing machine makers.

Local Dealers

These are some sewing machine dealers in Nova Scotia. This is hardly a complete list so you may be better off to click on the machine brand link above, and see their list of dealers in your area.


These are sites related to sewing machines, but are neither makers nor dealers.


9 thoughts on “Machines and Dealers”

  1. Do you know any place that sells Omega sergers? I have a problem with mine and can not find anyplace to go with it.


    1. Hi Roxanne, we haven’t had anybody come forward to be able to give an answer. If anyone does, I’ll let you know. Sorry about that and good luck!


  2. It keeps ‘birdnesting’ and the feed dog plate does not move the fabric on. Suddenly started, I have triend to clean the area under the plate of dust and threads but still does not work. Had machine 8 years now.


    1. Hi Ann, sorry for the late reply. I’m not sure where you are from as the answer would depend heavily on that. However, it’s a bit of a hit and miss to know so you might try calling around shops in your area to see if they do it or can recommend someone, or see if there were a Facebook sewing group in your area or some group online or in person to contact.


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