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4 thoughts on “Patterns and Reviews

  1. I really like Style Arc patterns: This is an Australian patternmaker and I have had a good experience ordering patterns from her. She often includes a personal note of thanks for ordering. The patterns are modestly priced (about $15.00 CDN) and I receive them quite quickly. All the patterns are single-sized and hand-drawn. She includes with each pattern some samples of the fabrics she has used to make the garment which really helps with pattern selection!

  2. Thanks, Lorna! Style Arc has been added to the list! Perhaps in the near future, we could get you to write a slightly longer review that is more visible than a comment!

  3. Hi Lorna, just checked out Style Arc patterns. I was wondering if the fit is small, would you order your usual size, is what I would like to know to know . As you mentioned the patterns are single size.

  4. Hi Angie! I ordered my Style Arc patterns strictly according to my measurements and using their size chart. I just re-checked my patterns to confirm that I did cut them out exactly as they were drawn. I don’t remember making any significant adjustments after sewing the pieces but I can’t be sure that I didn’t take them in little. Obviously, they were sized large enough and my recollection is that I didn’t make many changes, if any. I’ve just ordered two new ones: The Sunday Zip Jacket and Sunday Walking Pant, both of which should suit my new “retirement” lifestyle! Don’t forget to look at the “deals” at the bottom of their website to see if there is anything on offer. I’m getting a free Gore Skirt pattern with my order!

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