These sites are focused on embroidery, with descriptions provided by our members:

  • Advanced Embroidery Design
    They offer a free embroidery “design-of-the-month”, (e.g. October’s design was a witch for Halloween). Most designs are pay-per-download.
  • Anita Good Design
    The website is a catalogue for her embroidery designs. Designs are on CD as a collection (e.g. Christmas, Nativity, Baby Aquarium, etc.). The CDs are a little price, but they offer many designs, have many formats for different sewing machines, and have full instructions and tutorials for use.
  • Ann the Gran
    Offer a huge selection of free embroidery designs available for download (in .zip format). They also carry embroidery collections for sale on CD.
  • Criswell Embroidery & Design
    They offer some simple embroidery designs as free downloads. Their designs are mainly for embroidering lace.
  • Discount Embroidery Supply
    They have a large selection of machine needles, scissors (including the Gingher line), hoops, specialty threads, stabilizers, and fabrics. Also have some very unique pin cushions for sale.
  • Embroidery Inc. Library
    They post a small number of free embroidery patterns for download that are more detailed than some other free downloads offered by other sites. The offer is time-limited, so they should be downloaded soon. Free instructions on projects like pincushions and and Kleenex holders are available. Large selection of embroidery patterns for sale with different themes and price points.
  • Embroidery Name Library
    A huge selection of names available for download. The embroidery files are compressed and need to be unzipped with programs like WinZip, for example.
  • My Embroideries
    They sell embroidery designs or a collection of designs through a recommended dealer. This website acts as a gallery and lists prices and locations of dealers. They have many embroidery designs with many themes.
  • Platinum Embroidery
    Single designs for sale at $5.00 USD through email delivery. Also have interesting and well-written articles on working with fleece, appliqué tricks, and many more.
  • Sue Box
  • Splinters & Threads
    Competitively priced fabrics with themes like Christmas, the 30s, and many more. Batik fabrics and jelly rolls are available as well. For embroiderers, they offer custom digitizing for embroidery designs. Many embroidery designs are for sale as well, some seem well-priced. Sell finished items, called “blanks”, like aprons and bags and towels for custom-embroidering.
  • Thimbleberries
    They sell a good selection of quilt block patterns and embroidery design, organized according to theme. Posted is a gallery of thimbleberries fabrics, but they are only sold through dealers. The site sells actual rugs made using Thimberries fabrics. They also sell scented products to wash or freshen up quilts.
  • Zundt Design
    Swiss embroidery designs for sale. These are usually flowers, small animals, angels and many other dainty designs. Some lace embroidery designs are featured as well. They are sold individually or as collections. Large choices of alphabetical letters are available for monogramming with different styles like baroque, cross-stitch, classic, and many others.

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