Library: General Sewing

The library contains the following titles related to various general sewing topics. Titles within topics are organized in alphabetical order.

You may request to borrow any title at one of the Atlantic Sewing Guild’s monthly meetings.

General Sewing

GS7031  Creative Sewing Ideas (creating fabrics,   details and embelishments including dyeing, printing, felting) Singer
GS7020  Sew Fast, Faster, Fastest   (time-saving tehniques and shortcuts) Sue Hausmann
GS7025 101 Sewing Secrets (variety of tips) Singer
GS7021 10—20—30 Minutes to Sew Nancy Zieman
GS7051 5 Easy Pieces, Part 1 and Part 2 Judy Rasbard
GS7502 Adventures with Polar Fleece: A Sewing Expedition Nancy Cornwall
GS7009 Anatomy of a Jacket # 5 DVD Sandra Betzina
GS7032 Applique Innovations Machine Techniques for Beautiful Clothing Agnes Mercik
GS7030 Ask Sew News (150 Sewing Questions & Answers) Sew News
GS7302 Beautiful Vests and all the rest (contains some heirloom sewing) Martha Pullen
GS7012 Beyond the Pattern: Great Sewing Techniques for Clothing   (articles from Threads) Threads
GS7050 Clothing Care & Repair Singer
GS7402 Contempory Machine Embroidery (free motion embroidery) Debra Gonet
GS7154 Creative Machine Embroidery 2003 Mar/Apr N/A
GS7156 Creative Machine Embroidery 2003 Vol 3 Issue 5 Nov/Dec N/A
GS7155 Creative Machine Embroidery 2003 Vol 3 Jul/Aug N/A
GS7157 Creative Machine Embroidery 2004 Vol 3 Jan/Feb N/A
GS7150 Creative Machinery Embroidery 2001 Vol 1 #3 Fall N/A
GS7153 Creative Machinery Embroidery 2002 Vol 2 Fall N/A
GS7151 Creative Machinery Embroidery 2002 Vol 2 Spring N/A
GS7152 Creative Machinery Embroidery 2002 Vol 2 Summer N/A
GS7036 Creative Surface Design Sandy Scrivans
GS7304 Easy Elegance (heirloom sewing Seminole lacework, Shark’s teeth   and Applied smocking strips) Sue Pennington
GS7522 Easy Guide to Serging Fine Fabrics Kitty Benton
GS7040 Embellish Chic Detailing Ready to Wear Connie Long
GS7038 Fabric Artistry by Singer Singer Designer Series
GS7526 Fabric Savvy (information on how to sew and care for various   fabrics) Sandra Betzina
GS7523 Fabulous Fabrics Mary Jo Hiney
GS7061 Foolproof Buttonholes (DVD) Sandra Betzina
GS7401 Jeanine Twigg’s Embroidery Machine Essentials (fleece) Comes   with DVD Nancy Cornwall
GS7005 Jeans Couture # 9 DVD Sandra   Betzina & Ron Collins
GS7307 Learn Lacecraft (identification of lace , sewing techniques,   machine embroidery on netting, projects) Audrey Vincente Dean
GS7525 Linen and Cotton Susan Khalje
GS7149 Machine Embroidery 2003 Vol 8 #6 N/A
GS7400 Machine Embroidery and More (table runners, pillows, quilt   projects) Kristen Dibbs
GS7301 Maderia Applique by Machine plus Heirloom Sewing from A to Z   (heirloom sewing) Martha Campbell Pullen
GS7300 Mimi’s Machine Magic Book 3 Heirloom (Sewing Tucks, Puffing,   decorative stitching, machine techniques) Mildred Turner
GS7501 More Polar Fleece Adventures Nancy Cornwall
GS7503 More Polar Fleece Pizazz (Patterns in book) Ruthann Spiegelhoff
GS7006 More Power Sewing (presents sewing problems and solutions) Sandra Betzina
GS7033 New Technique for Wearable Art (ideas for clothing and   accessories) Rice Freeman-Zachery
GS7008 No Time to Sew (patterns and techniques, patterns missing) Sandra Betzina
GS7039 On the Surface (thread embellishment & fabric manipulation) Wendy Hill
GS7034 Opening and Closing (alternative to your standard buttonhole or   zipper) Lois Ericson
GS7004 Pant Fitting Pointers   # 2 DVD Sandra   Betzina
GS7011 Pocket Particulars (all types of pockets) DVD Sandra Betzina
GS7500 Polar Magic: New Adventures with Fleece Nancy Cornwall
GS7010 Power Sewing Step-by-Step Sandra Betzina
GS7023B Second Stitches–Recycle As You Sew Susan D Parker
GS7524 Sensational Silk (how to choose silk fabric, care for, and sew   with silk) Gail Brown
GS7037 Sew Easy Embellishments Nancy Zieman
GS7013 Sew Much Better (professional secrets to sewing faster and   easier) “Sew News” by Peggy Bendel, Ed.
GS7148 Sew News Feb 2000 N/A
GS7023 Sew News Timesaving Tips Sew News
GS7305 Sew Vintage: New Creations from Found Fabris Jennie Archer Atwood
GS7024 Sewing Express (shortcut sewing techniques, how to sew   reversibles, detachables, ++) Nancy Zieman
GS7047 Sewing for Style (Tips, Techniques, Tailoring and Distinctive   Details) Singer
GS7306 Sewing Inspirations from Yesteryear (heirloom sewing) Martha Pullen
GS7019 Sewing Shortcuts Pamela J. Hasting
GS7521 Sewing Specialty Fabrics Singer Reference Library
GS7527 Sewing with Knits Connie Long
GS7003 Shirts & Blouses   #10 DVD Sandra   Betzina & Ron Collins
GS7018 Short Kutz (repurpose adult clothing for kids) Melanie Graham
GS7026 Simplicity’s – The ABC’s of Shortcut Sewing Simplicity Pattern Company
GS7528 Stretch & Sew Guide to Sewing with Knits (the fashions are   out of date but techniques were developed by this author still used today) Ann Pearson
GS7529 Stretch, Stretch Sewing: The Technique of Sewing with Knits Bouclair Stretch Sewing Limited
GS7035 Terrific Techniques (Sew and Serge) (creating texture with   cording, applique, etc) Jackie Dodson and Jan Saunders
GS7209 Texture—Special Effects Nancy Zieman (pamphlet binder)
GS7520 The Art of Manipulating Fabric Colette Wolff
GS7044 The Essentials of Sewing, Volume 2 (seams, gathers, pleats,   finishes & patterns) Miriam Coe
GS7096 Threads 1985 Oct/Nov #1 N/A
GS7098 Threads 1986 Apr/May #4 N/A
GS7100 Threads 1986 Aug/Sep #6 N/A
GS7097 Threads 1986 Feb/Mar #3 N/A
GS7099 Threads 1986 Jun/Jul #5 N/A
GS7101 Threads 1986 Oct/Nov #7 N/A
GS7104 Threads 1987 Apr/May #10 N/A
GS7106 Threads 1987 Aug/Sep #12 N/A
GS7102 Threads 1987 Dec/Jan #8 N/A
GS7103 Threads 1987 Feb/Mar #9 N/A
GS7105 Threads 1987 Jun/Jul #11 N/A
GS7107 Threads 1987 Oct/Nov #13 N/A
GS7110 Threads 1988 Apr/May #16 N/A
GS7108 Threads 1988 Dec/Jan #14 N/A
GS7109 Threads 1988 Feb/Mar #15 N/A
GS7111 Threads 1988 Jun/Jul #17 N/A
GS7112 Threads 1988 Oct/Nov #19 N/A
GS7115 Threads 1989 Apr/May #22 N/A
GS7113 Threads 1989 Dec/Jan #20 N/A
GS7114 Threads 1989 Feb/Mar #21 N/A
GS7116 Threads 1989 Jun/Jul #23 N/A
GS7117 Threads 1989 Oct/Nov #25 N/A
GS7119 Threads 1990 Apr/Mar #28 N/A
GS7118 Threads 1990 Feb/Mar #27 N/A
GS7120 Threads 1990 Jun/Jul #29 N/A
GS7123 Threads 1991 Apr/Mar #34 N/A
GS7121 Threads 1991 Dec/Jan #32 N/A
GS7122 Threads 1991 Feb/Mar #33 N/A
GS7124 Threads 1991 Jun/Jul #35 N/A
GS7125 Threads 1991 Oct/Nov #37 N/A
GS7126 Threads 1992 Oct/Nov #43 N/A
GS7129 Threads 1993 Apr/May #46 N/A
GS7131 Threads 1993 Aug/Sep #48 N/A
GS7127 Threads 1993 Dec/Jan #44 N/A
GS7128 Threads 1993 Feb/Mar #45 N/A
GS7130 Threads 1993 Jun/Jul #47 N/A
GS7134 Threads 1994 Apr/May #52 N/A
GS7135 Threads 1994 Aug/Sep #54 N/A
GS7132 Threads 1994 Dec/Jan #50 N/A
GS7133 Threads 1994 Feb/Mar #51 N/A
GS7136 Threads 1994 Oct/Nov #55 N/A
GS7138 Threads 1995 Apr/May #58 N/A
GS7139 Threads 1995 Aug/Sep #60 N/A
GS7137 Threads 1995 Dec/Jan #56 N/A
GS7140 Threads 1996 Dec/Jan #62 N/A
GS7141 Threads 1996 Feb/Mar #63 N/A
GS7142 Threads 2007 Feb/Mar #129 N/A
GS7143 Threads 2007 Oct/Nov #133 N/A
GS7145 Threads 2008 Aug/Sep #138 N/A
GS7144 Threads 2008 Feb/Mar #135 N/A
GS7146 Threads 2009 Feb/Mar 3141 N/A
GS7147 Threads 2010 Jun/Jul #149 N/A
GS7014 Threads Sewing Guide Threads
GS7016 Timesaving Sewing (Planning, Tips, Shortcuts, and Home Dec) Singer Reference Library
GS7303 Victorian Dreams: The Creative Art of Lace Making by Machine Jenny Haskins
GS7049 Wardrobe Quick Fixes (how to shorten/lengthen, loosen, tighten,   update, embellish, repair, and care for your clothing) Jan Saunders

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