Library: Couture and Tailoring

The library contains the following titles related to couture and tailoring. Titles are organized in alphabetical order.

You may request to borrow any title at one of the Atlantic Sewing Guild’s monthly meetings.


C3012 Basics, Couture Techniques DVD Workshop Claire Shaeffer
C3012A Basics, Couture Techniques DVD Workshop Claire Shaeffer
C3001 Couture Sewing Techniques Claire Shaeffer
C3002 Couture: The Art of Fine Sewing Roberta Carr
C3004 Designer Sewing Techniques Kenneth D King
C3007 Distinctive Details, Great Embellishments for Clothing Threads
C3006 Sew with Confidence: A Beginner’s Guide to Basic Sewing Nancy Zieman
C3013 Sewing Essentials (equipment & basics) Singer
C3014 Sewing, a beginner’s step-by-step guide to stitching by hand and machine Charlotte Gerlings
C3015 Teach Yourself to Sew – Season 1 DVD Threads
C3016 Teach Yourself to Sew – Season 2 DVD Threads
C3017 Teach Yourself to Sew – Season 3 DVD Threads
C3008 Threads Fitting DVD: Arms Threads
C3010 Threads Fitting DVD: Bust Threads
C3009 Threads Fitting DVD: Torso Threads
C3011 Threads Fitting DVD: Waist and Hips Threads
C3003 Vogue & Butterick’s Designer Sewing Techniques PBS Series Sewing Today with Intro by Nancy Fleming
C3005 Vogue Sewing by Vogue Patricia Perry, Creator


CT3113 Japanese Tailoring (2 manuals, with notes to go with video) Judy Barlup
CT3114 Japanese Tailoring (VHS video) Judy Barlup
CT3107 Pants, ETC! Margaret Islander
CT3109 Sew, Serge, Press: Speed Tailoring in the Ultimate Sewing Centre Jan Saunders
CT3103 Shirtmaking Techniques DVD David Page Coffin
CT3105 Singer Tailoring Singer Reference Library
CT3104 Tailoring: Easy, Easier, Easiest Patti Palmer & Susan Pletsch
CT3111 The Art of Sewing: Basics and Beyond Shirley Smith
CT3110 The Colette Sewing Handbook (with patterns) Sarai Mitnick
CT3108 The Complete Book of Tailoring Adele P Margolis
CT3112 The Little Black Dress Simon Henry
CT3106 Threads Magazine 2012 DVD Threads
CT3102 Threads Magazine DVD 1985-2012 Threads

2 thoughts on “Library: Couture and Tailoring”

    1. You can’t from here. All of the books and the records are kept at the Church. Meetings are the only time you can borrow. Feel free to shove me aside and grab that book!


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