10 thoughts on “Classes”

  1. I eagerly look forward to taking a pattern alterations course. So, here’s hoping there will be several long ones in the near future!


    1. I’ve forwarded your message and email to Josee in case she doesn’t get this in time. I gave her the option of replying directly to you and/or posting here for others also to see.


  2. From Josee…

    Hi Beverly,

    The only thing you need to bring is a small pair of scissors, sewing pins, and something to take notes with. I’m providing everything else. And yes, we start at 9:00.


  3. Vickie: Great job in pulling together so many teachers & interesting classes! Looking forward to that wonderful roster!


  4. Are there any classes coming up? I’m disappointed that i missed the one on Re-fashioning. I guess I should check this site more often.


    1. Hi Angela!
      Thank you very much for your interest in the Atlantic Sewing Guild. We have one more booked for the rest of this season (2017-18) at the moment, & plan for many more interesting sessions in future.
      Our classes are currently for members only, but becoming a member is easy – just show up at one of our Tuesday evening meetings (which location will change in September). Your first meeting is free & we always welcome new faces.


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