Never listen when you hear that sewing
is a sedentary or solitary craft-

Heads & Shoulders
Knees & Toes
Knees & Toes
And Etcetera

-Because it’s really really fun when it’sIMG_3797



Pre-holiday hijincks
& strenuous exercise

At the December meet-up, Barb Emodi exercised our brains with a fabulous presentation on the many ways to approach pattern manipulation for your very best fit.  (And a reminder to “Control yourself, People: do one alteration at a time!”)  She distills to the sensible axiom of using differing methods, depending on the preference, comfort, location & size requirements of the Sewer/Seamstress/Sewist. This brought up another interesting thought of what we call ourselves in 2017 – soon to be 2018 – my personal fave is Sempstress, a lovely Victorian & dignified term – probably not generally loved for the same reasons.  However, the funniest has to be her blog’s Sewing on the Edge accidental moniker “a serial sewing sexist”.

Maybe it’s those racy pictures she uses to explain alterations?

Barb made clear the differences among the many methods – we could see lights beginning to go on as members nodded & “aha’d” throughout her presentation.  We look forward to her book coming up for publication in Spring 2018: “Sew The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge.  Real-Life Lessons from a Serial Sewist“.

Sew & Tell added to the usual hilarity, made all the more so by a sweet & savoury repast shared by our talented bakers.

Rhea‘s using reversible knit for Love Notions Origami


Anita‘s also using a Love Notions – Trendy tunic; And McCall’s slippers with leather bottoms & fabric from VV


Marilyn completed the coat she was working on at SSS with a panel of  pretty scarf & Japanese appliqués; a clever bag to match from scraps; a beach bag towel combo for gifting.


Sheila using some of our bounty of Joy fabric for OOP Vogue 8335.  Her Summer Challenge (3 visible fabrics) in OOP Vogue 1363


Suzanne‘s very painstakingly & beautifully sewn Vogue 9267, which she plans to alter & adjust further to her satisfaction; Kathleen‘s dress that started with OOP Vogue 8582 & ended with Joy fabric & some salvaged golf shirt collars


Pat made many oven mitts for gifts, using jelly rolls (so pretty!); We celebrate with Nasirah‘s first use of a commercial pattern Simplicity 5463; Norma‘s Silhouette 709 which she also started at SSS & found needing significant lengthening, along with coordinating Silhouette Yoga Pants


Angela‘s creative use of a tunic with interesting & colourful border detail, which she fashioned into coordinates, with top tied in with embellishment.


Our very own comedy troupe, Julie, Lorna, Linda & Carolyn, showing their Jalie Jeans made in Tory‘s Jeans in a Day Class


Edgar‘s festive McCall’s 6044 slim shirt


Our generous Atlantic Sewing Guild members filled 2 bins already with warm socks, mitts and fabric for our upcoming Community Sewing Day (February 3), when we will sew up warm pyjama pants for the homeless of Halifax.


Here’s a bargain you can scoop up, if it fits your machine better than it fits Rhea’s embroidery machine.  $69.  Contact her: eggbert.coolen@gmail.com.

this onemachine trolley

Please remember to bring donations to the next meeting of warm hats, socks, mitts or warm fabric cuts for PJ bottoms for our upcoming ASG Community Sewing Project




Natural Resource & Dynamo

Barbara Emodi is one of Atlantic Sewing Guild’s multi-talented resources.  She is a sewing dynamo, teacher and popular blogger.  Over the years we have been interested Show & Tell witnesses of Barb’s tracks to various sewing permutations & combinations.  Barbara has taught sewing in Canada, Australia & the U.S..  She has written extensively for magazines (see Barb in Threads magazine and the Australian “Dressmaking with Stitches”) as well as on her instructional & often hilarious site https://sewingontheedge.blogspot.ca/ .  Hard to believe that she finds time to be accomplished in the (Muggle) non-sewing world as well!

Recently Barbara has been doing deep research on fitting methods and on December 12 will share a different way of fitting.  She will present some of the first principles of altering a pattern to fit and will introduce divergent approaches to fitting – all of them effective, each suited to a different type of sewist.  You’ve paid attention to many fitting methods over the years so it will be interesting to hear some of the whys & wherefores – & perhaps why we can merrily ignore things we’ve thought are musts!

We are pleased that Barb will present her latest ideas & theories at the ASG meeting on December 12, 2017, especially considering how busy she must be with her first book coming up for publication in May/18.  Link to pre-order Sew…The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge or Pre-order here: King’s Co-Op Bookstore to support your local independent book store (with 5% discount or higher if more than 3 of us order;  will be personally delivered by Kathleen).

p.s.  Just guess who the StyleArc Barb pants pattern is named after!  If you guessed Barbara Emodi, you’d be right – come to hear her speak at the next Atlantic Sewing Guild meeting.

TUESDAY, December 12, 2017, 7PM
the campbell centre (BEHIND ST. AGNES CHURCH)


Atlantic Sewing Guild Facebook link

ASG email link


You really can with Tory’s Jeans Class

Our kind and patient Teacher Extraordinaire TORY LEBLANC

Atlantic Sewing Guild is happy to announce that Tory  has agreed to do a reprieve of her Jalie Eleanore Jeans Class.  (we were also happy to hear the buzz of approval when we announced the class at our most recent ASG meeting)

This pull-on pant pattern is designed for stretch wovens (stretch denim!) with 20% stretch.  The Eleanore features an elastic waist, mock fly front/front pockets, back yoke, functional back pockets, plus all the top-stitching found on ready-to-wear jeans

While this is primarily a sewing technique class, minor fit issues will be addressed.  Moving the waistband higher or lower, adjusting for a curvier backside, thinner/thicker waist and width of the pant leg will be covered.  Back pocket details such as stitch design, size and ideal location on the tush will also be discussed.  If extensive fitting help is required, you are welcome to use the class time to develop your first draft of a muslin.

Jalie patterns can be purchased at the Halifax Fabricville or online at Jalie.com  buy pattern on-line  (available as an instant electronic download or as a standard paper pattern that will be shipped). The pattern calls for 132 or 150 cm. stretch denim, with at least 20% stretch and good recovery.  You can make this pattern with any stretch woven fabric, provided it meets the stretch/recovery requirements.

You can register for the class by paying Suzanne Pelletier, our VP & Class Co-Ordinator ($40.).  (There are limited spots so the earlier you register, the better).   There are several places you may find Suzanne: Saturday, Oct. 14 at Sew-It-Now Saturday Sewing at the Church (see below); Sew-It-Now meeting Tuesday., Oct. 17; next ASG meeting Tuesday, Nov. 14.  You could also contact her through our ASG email address or our Facebook page:


ASG on Facebook


TIME: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax Christian Church
51 Farnham Gate Road, Halifax
map to the Church

You must be a member of ASG to participate in our classes.

Rescheduled to tomorrow – Oct 10/17 Bob Boudreau’s quilts

We are excited to give you a little preview of the guest speaker’s topic for tomorrow’s ASG meeting.

Bob Boudreau

Brenda Boudreau will do a presentation of her husband Bob’s quilted wall-hangings. She will show how he constructed them, supplies he used and the inspiration behind the nature and people-themed works. 

A few examples of Bob’s beautiful work.


Bob is unable to be present at the meeting himself….he will be out shopping for supplies to make his next wall-hanging!

See you tomorrow!


September 12 saw the first 2017-18 meeting of
Atlantic Sewing Guild

Our Autumn Meet-up did not fail to fulfill expectations.  Many old & new friends excitedly buzzed the registration tables – after all, we’d been waiting to get back at it since June!  Our new members are already contributing to the great ASG energy.  Many people contributed during the run of this grand evening, which bodes well for this upcoming year.

A Warm Welcome from President Lorna with approval from VP Suzanne

Lorna inspires us with her outfit in which she created fabric for the top with bits from other projects.  Suzanne wears an ASG favourite sew, her Farrow dress.

Presentation and Discussion of many Independent Pattern companies

Leanne, Cindy and Kathleen each spoke for a few minutes about their experiences with ordering, downloading and creating from the Indies.  It was interesting to hear the different perspectives.  Our members have such varied interests and skills that the ensuing discussion and questions were lively and informative.  No doubt there will be more Indie garments shared with the guild in coming months.
As promised, here is the link Cindy mentioned, for a blog called Diary of a Chain Stitcher.  For the adventurous among us, it is a list of independent pattern designers (oh my! – don’t get so lost that you miss our next meeting-)

Cavalcade of Creations

EDGAR’S McCall’s 6044 – the Oh Canada & Agate Energy versions

NORMA’S CANADA 150 quilt (that’s our home on top centre!)
BRENDA with new friend from old pattern

We’re happy that new member ANGELA showed the top  she refashioned from a Mexican dress


We’re also pleased to welcome newbie KATHY, who sewed her lucky granddaughter a Vogue 9043 coat

Who can keep up with our MARILYN?  This time it’s variations on Butterick 6247.

BARB”S world of Emmaline & Peek-A-Boo bags.
ANITA shows us a Clone she created from one of her favourite dresses.

We’ll miss MINH at next meeting, so he showed his own design for the Summer Challenge – he used 8 Fabrics.  Such an over-achiever is our Minh!


  • Please bring your Summer Challenge projects to share at the Oct. 10 meeting: a garment made with a minimum of 3 visible fabrics – can’t wait to see them!
  • Bits & bobs – haberdashery & scraps & interesting smalls wanted for next meeting, which we’ll use in the November Great Halifax Sewing Bee
  • Your Devoted Executive has surprises to share
  • Slow Fashion October 
  • Visit the Atlantic Sewing Guild on Book of the Face Atlantic Sewing Guild
  • We’ve been eagerly looking forward to the showing by Brenda of her husband Bob’s landscape quilts Bob’s quilts, which had been postponed due to nasty weather last winter.   We’re finally going to able to have her presentation, which is rumoured to be very very interesting (as are all the wonderful things Brenda shares with us!)




As we approach our first meeting after the summer hiatus, your Atlantic Sewing Guild Executive is getting very excited about new plans for the new season.  We’ve all missed your sewing camaraderie and look forward to getting together on September 12.  Look for an email from us shortly.

To tide you through these next few difficult anticipatory days, we thought you might like to visit some of the blogs we’ve been reading to keep us company as well as inspired:

From Karen LaDelpha, our Membership Coordinator:

Goodbye Valentino
Emily Hallman
Margot Berman (local Halifax creator!)

From Anita, our past Treasurer:

“fabric dictionary”
Curvy Sewing
Do it Better

From Bev D’Entremont, one of our two Librarians:

Lazy Girl
Sew Mama Sew (previously a blog & currently a facebook page)
Sewing Directory
Make It & Love It

From Marcia Swanston, one of our two Webmistresses:

Gayle Ortiz
Shams’ blog
Marcy Tilton for Everyday Creatives

From Kathleen Soares, the other Webmistress:

Our very own Barb Emodi (of course)
Rhonda never fails to inspire
Katie makes dresses
4 Ladies who blog together

SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 7:00 PM.
The Monsignor John Campbell Centre, behind St. Agnes Church
corner of Mumford & Chebucto: 6903 MUMFORD RD., HALIFAX
enter Mumford Rd. driveway only



Amy clothes rack


On May 9 AMY NEGUS, owner and designer of All My Fashions, presented a very interesting talk and trunk show.  Amy is a local custom designer who specializes in up-cycling, with a focus on feminine design.  She is a graduate of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. She showed us a number of her designs.  Our members found Amy’s presentation & process very interesting.




Show and Tell was, as usual, full of a variety of creations ranging from men’s, ladies’ & grandchildren’s wear to an inventive sewing room tool as well as wall hangings & floor mats.


Sheila also showed us an example of the 44 very useful fiddle muffs that our lovely Community Charity Sewing contingent made up for several local homes to provide to their people with dementia.

fiddle muff

Upcoming: a very special farewell celebration to honour Julie Culshaw who is an original Founding Member of the Atlantic Sewing Guild.

Our next meeting will also have the election for vacant positions on next year’s Executive.  Please seriously consider offering your rich energy to complement our Atlantic Sewing Guild.

See you all for our final gathering of the year:  Tuesday, June 13 at 7:00 at the Msgr. John Campbell Center at St. Agnes’ Church, 6903 Mumford Rd., Halifax.

SEW we got together in a new space!

Our Atlantic Sewing Guild met in a new space at the Msgr. John Campbell Centre at St. Agnes’ Church on April 11.  Attendance was at an all-time high with some guests and members who have been unable to come for a while.

Tory LeBlanc gave a talk and trunk show about Zero Waste.  She modeled her beautiful blush silk Asian-influenced jacket, navy jacket and pants and a wrap-around dress all created with no wasted fabric at all!  Pretty impressive and stylish.

After Tory’s trunk show, the guild members were invited to try to figure out the construction process using paper and tape.   The results were amusing 🙂

We had our monthly show and tell including a variety of garments.  A challenge from a snowed out meeting earlier this year was to sew something “red/read”.   A couple of the “red” items created were the newly released Jalie cardigan pattern, Helène, (with it’s much touted ‘clever’ pocket construction and sewn up by several members) and a beautiful trench coat from a OOP Vogue 2915 from the 1970’s.

Other creations included a moto jacket, t-shirts and two iterations of the recently released Farrow dress from Grainline Patterns;  a top and a dress.


Anita MacDonald reported on the charity sewing day on April 22nd:

“The community sewing day was a great success. 9 volunteers made 42 fidget muffs for Northwood and St. Vincent’s Nursing Homes!  Thanks to all who helped and all who donated items for us to use!”

A reminder that elections for vacant positions on the Executive Committee are in June.  Are you interesExec meetingted in being our treasurer, librarian, membership co-ordinator or president?  Here we all are (Marcia Swanston taking the picture) enjoying a glass of wine at the Agricola Brasserie.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 9 and Amy Negus will give a talk and trunk show about her clothing line. dsc_0031

“I’m in The Navy now!” (?)

…Or so we are told by TORY LEBLANC…

…This is the theme of Tory’s collection of Zero Waste garments for our Atlantic Sewing Guild’s April 11th meeting (which is 9 days from the posting date of this message).
Come join us to find out why Zero Waste garments are a growing fashion trend and how you can make you own!

Tory is going to enable us to have participation fun and asks that we bring our own paper scissors & scotch tape.

APRIL 11, 2017 7:00 PM.Meeting at our new venue: The Monsignor John Campbell Centre, behind St. Agnes Church at the corner of Mumford & Chebucto: 6903 MUMFORD RD., HALIFAX – enter Mumford Rd. driveway only.



Zero Waste clothing…

What is it?

Why are Zero Waste garments one of the latest “it” trend trends in fashion?

How do you make Zero Waste garments of your own?

Join us for the April ASG meeting when Tory LeBlanc will share her experiments with Zero Waste clothing.


APRIL 11, 2017 7:00 PM.Meeting at our new venue: The Monsignor John Campbell Centre, behind St. Agnes Church at the corner of Mumford & Chebucto: 6903 MUMFORD RD., HALIFAXenter Mumford Rd. driveway only.