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A Recommended Fabric Stain Removal Guide

Recently, our Guild was sent a lovely thank you letter from a Mother of a girl in a Girl Scout troop, thanking us for how useful our blog was to her daughter Michelle and other girls working on the Textile Artist Badge. The Textile Artist Badge is an at home program that requires the girls to choose their textile method of choice, find tools, materials and patterns online to learn the basics. Our site and links led them to some great needlework and quilting websites to check out, and they wanted to thank us.

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T-Shirt Self-Challenge

by Lorna McKillip


I had several “holes” in my wardrobe and many of those were tops to go with sweaters, jackets and other garments I already had or had plans to make. I had made t-shirts to go with other things and they were all the wrong colours and/or all too big.

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