National Sewing Circle Website

Beverly in the Guild wanted to share an online sewing resource with you all called the National Sewing Circle (

National Sewing Circle Screen Capture (click to enlarge)
National Sewing Circle Screen Capture (click to enlarge)

It is a site of sewing videos, with a blog, projects and things you can purchase. Some of the content is free, but some is for members only.

You can get a free newsletter emailed to you if you sign up that way, perhaps to find out more about things before deciding whether or not to commit to a membership.

For those of you looking for new online sewing resources, this site “seams” to be well worth a look! 🙂

Thank you, Beverly!

The Virtual Model of You on

The Virtual Model of You on

Something I found on Pinterest that will be of value to me. However, not likely for what it was intended. It’s on my site cause this is my opinion and not meant to be reflective of Guild Members’ opinions, or of the Guild. This is just for sharing resources.

Seamwork Magazine Resource

Mary wanted to share this online resource with members.

In their words, Seamwork is a new online pattern magazine bringing you two beautiful projects every month for just $6, along with articles, techniques, and creative ideas that make sewing a pleasure. This month’s feature is bras and lingerie.

This link will be added to our site under Patterns and Reviews, under the Links menu.

Thanks, Mary!

Class and Learning Options Outside the Guild

Courtesy of research by Tory and Marcia…

Guild Classes

The Guild had just announced our classes for 2014-15. These two are guaranteed, plus other potential ones to be determined.

  1. Pocket Techniques, with Anneke Henderson (Oct 4, 2014)
  2. Making a Body Double, with Josée (Nov 15, 2014)

However, there are many other options for classes around the Halifax area, as well as online. There are also many other learning resources besides classes, where there is no interaction involved but just instructions. The following list of sewing related resources might interest you.

Local Classes (Halifax area)

You might consider these local options for classes in the Halifax Regional Municipality and Nova Scotia area:

Continental Classes

If you were willing to travel for some classes, treating it as either a serious trip or vacation, you might want to consider these options:

Online Classes and General Instructions

These sites offer classes and/or general instructions online:

There are also plenty of other YouTube channels you may want to search for to find instructional videos. For video instruction, you might actually be better off searching from the YouTube site, rather than using a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.


Blogs tend to be are more personally produced instruction, compared to business or professional like instruction, although some blogs are quite phenomenal. They also tend to be more a mish mash of topics and may not be as well organized to find specific items like sewing instruction videos. But those things can add a personal touch and connection business sites tend not to have, and be more entertaining with a real life touch to them. It really depends on what you like. Here are some Guild Members like a lot:

When you read blogs, be sure to look around, often on the side, for links to the authors’ favourite sites, blogs and such. Some will likely be related to sewing and they can serve as your lead to find out more of what is out there! If you liked the authors’ blog, chances are, you’ll like his/her taste for other enjoyable and/or useful blogs, too!

Share Your Favourite Sewing Resources with Us!

If you know of great class and/or instructional resources not mentioned here, please do let us know. We will update this post, as well as our Classes page on this site. Thank you.

Foundations Revealed Site for Corset Making

A friend in the costume studies program at Dalhousie University recommended some content from this Foundations Revealed site to start learning about corset making before the NSCAD class begins in mid-October which was written about in the previous post. The site is only partly free. I don’t know enough about it to recommend paying for it or not, but there is still some pretty serious stuff that is free regarding corset making.

My friend specifically pointed out this PDF called The Corsetmaking Revolution, the New Corset Pattern Drafting Masterclass. She said it was really helpful when she started out, even though she’s tailored her techniques and methods from it with experience and personal preferences.

For those of you taking the class, or just interested in corset making, you might find it and the Foundations Revealed site interesting. Enjoy and tell us how you find the rest of the site!

Sharing Your Fashion And Sewing Inspiration with Pinterest

Fashion is something a lot of us consume via magazines. You buy them, you read them, you save them, maybe you’ll cut pictures out of them to keep the bits you like or are inspired by. Some of us watch fashion shows and record them. A few a fortunate enough to be able to attend them and take pictures.That’s all good and fine, but it’s a bit hard to share, and even access if you’re not where you keep all this stuff. You’d have to lug with you wherever you go for that access, and that’s often not worth doing. How often have you done lugged your fashion or sewing inspiration “file” to show someone, or so you could have it, say, while you weren’t home but wanted to think about it? Not often, I’m guessing.

With the world becoming more digital and online, I’d like to share with you a more modern way to have access and share anything you’d like, with a focus on fashion and sewing here for the Guild. They are like “bookmarking” sites, where you can save what you see online, and keep it online. That way, as long as you have a computer with Internet access, generally not hard to find, you have access to it. Further, people can see it, if you so wish, any time they like. It’s all kind of like this site, but a lot simpler in that you “one-click” something you like and file it.

There are many sites for this sort of stuff. However, the most visual one and hottest one going is Pinterest. It’s like a digital bulletin board. You see. You pin. And maybe you file if you want to keep it organized cause for a lot of people, it’s gotten out of control, if you can believe it! It’s that simple, and if you want to see its effectiveness, below are some example links.

This first link is the fashion inspiration collection of a 3rd year Costumes Studies student at Dal. Peryn has this for her own reference, but to show others, since it is publicly viewable and searchable, what inspires her. There are some crazy stuff I LOVE in that collection like the butterfly dresses! Some very useful stuff, too, like the necklace length charts… and I don’t even wear necklaces! But after I make what my Mom calls my pimping suit jacket, upon description to her, I just might! Can you imagine if you could see the same sort of thing for some other guild members to know what inspires them? Or just inspire each other if we could collectively share what inspired us?

Peryn also has a coats and jackets file, stuff for her house file, some steampunk collection stuff, among others. You all can’t get away from steampunk long now since I started mentioning it last year, can you? 🙂

As with anything, it takes a little effort to build and maintain. However, when you look at it, don’t you think it’s worth it? I think I’m going to get an account started now… and start building by “stealing” some of Peryn’s stuff!

Don’t worry. It’s not really “stealing”. I’m just taking some of Peryn’s inspiration and making a duplicate in my file. She’s not losing anything. And to be honest, if you’re not familiar with the economics and morality of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), when you “steal” someone’s stuff, it’s actually a compliment to them. You’re basically saying “I like it enough I’m going to add it to my stuff and propagate it to others”! It’s more like “approving” rather than “stealing”. Welcome to the new world order!

Once I get enough of my own content, probably some time early next year, I’ll do a post to share my Pinterest board with you. In the meanwhile, I hope some of you will give it a go, if you haven’t already, to share your Pinterest board with the rest of us! Leave a link as a comment if you have!

Free Patterns from

To share a resource.

Questions and comments:
Resource links will be duplicated in menus, categories, pages and wherever else is appropriate. is a great site I found for free sewing patterns of all sorts! Better yet, they have their patterns organized in so many ways, from purpose to season to difficulty levels, and more. A quick browse of their categories show Read more

Creativ Festival YouTube Channel

The Creativ Festival (formerly the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival) is Canada’s largest consumer show dedicated to sewing, knitting, quilting, beading, needlework, scrapbooking and crafting, designed to intrigue, indulge, excite, educate and inspire. They now have their own YouTube Channel on which they plan to have many “how to” videos, among others. A quick review shows some very practical videos, like this one about how to sew zippers by Linda McGehee

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