Courses, Course Sales and Sewing Humour

NSCAD Continuing Studies just put out its list of Summer 2015 courses. Not too much on the fashion and textiles section except Beginner Sewing and Weaving, which could definitely be interesting. But lots of other interesting and artistic courses as well!

From Faye, Craftsy is having a class flash sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY. Up to 50% off on almost 700 classes. If you want to focus on sewing classes, please click here instead. THIS WEEKEND ONLY remember! (Apr 11 & 12).

And from Kathleen, a little humour… 🙂

Thanks Faye and Kathleen!

Sewing Milestones and Flukes

On Saturday, I finished my first ever 4000m spool of serging thread. It only took me about 3 years… serging as part of my sewing hobby, not doing this for a living.

It’s a LOT of thread, once upon a time thinking it’d take me a decade to use up that spool. However, I should be finishing off at least 3 more in the next few months because 3 other spools are close to being done, with serging often using 3-5 spools of thread at a time, rather than 1 as is often the case for sewing. Combined with other colours, I’ve probably used up a dozen or so of such spools over all this time. Don’t ask me where it all went. I can’t imagine nearly that much thread among everything I’ve ever made, but of course I’ve used it. My idea of how much thread there is in a garment is just way off the reality.

By fluke, on Saturday, I also finished off two 1000m spools of sewing threads. They were white and grey, with the latter most often used as basting thread that I sew into my seams before serging so I don’t have have to unpin during serging. I was making some pajamas with lots of white and grey and used the white to sew down seams and folds.

It’s not often I finish a spool of 1000m thread, either. So to have two in a day, with a 4000m serger spool on the same day, now that’s a fluke!


And Now, For Some Completely Appropriate Sewing Humour

Inspired by a few of Faye M’s Facebook post, I went to look for more. Also a reminder of the gallery feature available with our blog.

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If you’re interested in that Keep Calm fabric as I am, Amazon US sells it, but I’m not sure if that seller delivers in Canada.