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The Guildenberg Project

Project Gutenberg, as it’s properly known rather than the colloquial Gutenberg Project, is a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works, to preserve them for history and make them more accessible to the people. Here at the Atlantic Sewing Guild, we have some cultural works that need digitizing and archiving, to preserve them for history and make them more accessible to everyone. As a result, some original and long time members and I have volunteered to create the Guildenberg Project to bring the world the treasure trove of articles from the Guild’s storied past, all with the original authors’ permission, of course.

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Tips for Organizing Your Sewing Space

by Atlantic Sewing Guild founder,
Julie Culshaw

(timeless ideas from the Timmel Newsletter, January 2003,
reprinted with permission)


Happy New Year!

Well, let’s get off to a great new year full of sewing projects. This would be a good time to clear out your sewing room and area and find out exactly what you have in stock. Many of us have bought fabrics and put them away, then forgotten about them. Why not take them out and be ruthless here? If you no long like the fabric, give it away. Perhaps you have a friend who would like to have that piece of fabric. If not, find school or community center and donate that fabric to them. Many schools and seniors’ centers look for donations of fabrics for craft projects and classes.

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