Mary’s and Sheila’s Silhouette #675 Blouses

When a member of our Guild has a good experience with a pattern, there’s a decent chance another or more will also give it a go. The Silhouette #675 “Mani’s Blouse” pattern is one such example.

Below are Mary and Sheila with their versions of Mani’s blouse, with style alterations done by each and worn on a meeting day recently!

Very nicely done, Sheila and Mary!

Mary and Sheila in Silhouette #675
Mary and Sheila in Silhouette #675

ILLUSION Dress Shirt (Take 2)

ILLUSION Dress Shirt (Take 2).

I’m still on pace for a garment a week on average so far this summer, while still having time to play lots of tennis. I won’t post most here so as not to hog the blog, still wishing more members would email me their garments pictures and writing details to post, or just other content to post. However, I will post the occasional garment I make that I really want to share and not wait till the fall. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!


KLPJs (aka Kal-El Pajamas, aka My Super Sleep Uniform)

KLPJs (aka Kal-El Pajamas, aka My Super Sleep Uniform).

Why make pajamas when you can make sleep uniforms that you can wear outside as casual wear? 🙂

I’ve got a whole collection of these coming for the rest of the year with a bunch of baby bolts of fabrics from which I made this. One bolt has just enough fabric for someone my size. It’s good to be small every now and then. 🙂


The TRANQUILITY Dress Shirt.

I got my serger back (thanks to Pat for making it easier). Got further fitted patterns for my dress shirt. Dug into my stash of good fabrics at last for a full garment. Began a new garment design and making era with my Chinese Cowboy style dress shirt that I wore to work today and felt like a million bucks in. 🙂

Now to see how many more I can get done of different designs before our next Guild meeting… and going back to feeling $1.65 every day in the meanwhile in my regular old clothes.