A Plethora of Pyjama PantsA Note from Faye Morrison
ASG Treasurer
& Community Sewing Day Organizer

I would like to thank all the members of the Atlantic Sewing Guild for the tremendous outpouring of support enabling us on February 3 to produce so many sleep pants for those who are homeless or on the fringes. Through the auspices of Mobile Outreach Street Health (MOSH), these garments will be used by those who will be laundering their clothing.

While I organized the day, I could not have achieved it without the donations of fabric, elastics, cording, and funds to purchase additional elastic. The volunteers who donated their time should be given accolades because our production was the result of their substantial efforts. We were able to achieve lots of sleep pants and many of the larger scraps made wonderful scarves/hats. Above is a photo showing some of their wonderful efforts because all of it could not be shown on one table and some are still out with our volunteers for to finishing with elastic when we ran out.

Introducing the Pajama Style Dress Pants

Introducing the Pajama Style Dress Pants

Sewn like pajama pants through the crotch, but with dress pant style pockets, no fly zipper, elastic waist band, these pants look sharper than dress pants for lack of folds, but are a million times easier to make and far sturdier! I only have a muslin for now, but I’m now willing to devote time to making dress pants cause they were too thankless for me otherwise with effort involved and lack of design deemed appropriate for professional settings. That’s not to say I’m not going to be making and maybe wearing stuff with jacquard prints, or white, or maybe even toile prints, lol! Definitely for casual wear, and I will have the sharpest pajama pants in a pretty big geographic radius, I imagine!

And hey, works just as well for women!

When something’s not good enough for you, invent something better! 🙂

KLPJs (aka Kal-El Pajamas, aka My Super Sleep Uniform)

KLPJs (aka Kal-El Pajamas, aka My Super Sleep Uniform).

Why make pajamas when you can make sleep uniforms that you can wear outside as casual wear? 🙂

I’ve got a whole collection of these coming for the rest of the year with a bunch of baby bolts of fabrics from which I made this. One bolt has just enough fabric for someone my size. It’s good to be small every now and then. 🙂

Class — Yoga Pants — FULL

This class is now full.

This slim fitting pant is in all the fashion stores this year.  Yoga pants are not just for exercise, they can be made in a variety of stretch fabrics  to look like dress pants. It has a slim fitting look with a 2″ waist band.  You should be able to complete this 3-piece yoga pants Silhouette Patterns, #3400 pattern in one class. It can be ordered online via the previous link for $14.00 US, plus shipping. The morning is for fitting and cutting, the afternoon is for construction.

For construction, a pant weight rayon knit is recommended. Peggy Sagers suggests a Ponte Roma.

Teacher: Mary Baxter

Dates: November 16, 2013

Please click here for more classes and class related information (location, payment, etc.)