There was no mistaking the sheer happiness of Atlantic Sewing Guild members in each others’ company at the October 10/17 meeting.  Our theme could well prove to be faces smiling with joy in our night’s camaraderie and entertainment.  Shiny Happy People link (Do we love those classic cheerful 1990’s outfits?)

IMG_3359Contributing of course was BRENDA BOUDREAU’S presentation of her husband Bob’s quilts, which lived up to long-awaited expectations.  Who knew that she is, in addition to a long-time member of ASG, our very own salmon & trout fly-casting girl?  Brenda spoke lovingly not only about Bob’s amazingly detailed quilts, but also of the enthusiasm they share for the great outdoors and fishing.  This is true synergy: she became interested in his fishing & he became interested in her sewing machine.  Bob is a true Renaissance Man with his hands in business, Bonsai, landscaping & gardening, photography — & this night’s presentation: his quilting!







Bob Boudreau’s quilts are works of art deserving to be hung.  His painstaking compositions are studies in patience combined with the artist’s eye for minute detail.  The gradations of colour and fine machine stitching are accomplishments particularly admired by ASG members.  The quilt shown directly above is made up of over 1750 tiny squares and is created from his early school portrait.  (All these works were deserving of far better picture quality; unfortunately, this photographer & her camera phone fall short.)  Brenda did justice in her presentation and all in attendance were captivated.

SUMMER CHALLENGE: 3 fabrics within one garment


LUCY used Marcy Tilton Vogue 9057 and McCall’s 7122

EDGAR our quick-change artist delights us with his homage to Star Trek in McCall’s6044

KATHLEEN’S Tilton Vogue 8975 and Style Arc Toni   MARY in her TNT Silhouette top

Librarian BARB’S shirt Loes Hinse 5203      Coffee Host LEANNE’S skirt Made by RaeCleo

ANGELA shows Her Own design Upcycle       MARILYN combined Kwik Sew 3873 & 3915

BRENDA’S Newport Bag

We’ll take our leave of October 10 with the Smiling Faces of sisters ALAYNE & FAYE


  • GREAT HALIFAX SEWING BEE takes place at our November meeting.  (The festivities are Very Secret – not even your executive knows what we’ll be up to – other than more ASG fun!)
  • For the GHSB we will be using the gymnasium rather than the Campbell Centre
  • Bits & bobs – haberdashery & scraps & interesting smalls will still be gladly accepted at beginning of Nov. meeting
  • There will be no Show & Tell this month
  • December 2, 2017 Tory’s Jeans in a Day Class link
  • Visit the Atlantic Sewing Guild on Book of the Face Atlantic Sewing Guild link
  • email us AtlanticSewingGuild@gmail.com


Judges’ Ravings of Garments Produced at the Great Halifax Sewing Bee, Part 1/3

With the sewing bee done and garments submitted, we take an overview of the garments produced before getting to the details as raved on by the judges!

First up is the Team Yellow.

These videos will be presented in the ordered in which they took place. In the next post, we will hear what the judges thought of Team Green’s and Team Purple’s garments.

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Final Check In Before Judging at the Great Halifax Sewing Bee

This is the final set of videos I have before the judges’ comments. My phone ran out of space as I had not realized I was filming in HD the entire time. As a result, I didn’t catch the final minute. However, someone else had space on their phone for the judges’ comments which I hope to post later this week!

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Off and Sewing at the Great Halifax Sewing Bee!

Team Purple was the first to get sewing as you’ll see in the video below. On this second round of walk about videos about 10 minutes in, most teams had already gotten to the sewing!

From here on, there will be a slightly uneven distribution of team videos. That was not intentional. Some teams were a little more camera shy than others so their wishes were respected to allow them to focus on the sewing.

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Initial Minutes of the Great Halifax Sewing Bee

In this first batch of videos, you’ll “meet” the teams via video clips looking into their initial minutes. Clips were taken walking around so whatever was happening, happened. We did not have a camera at all the stations so these are not edited clips from a full session video.

hab·er·dash·er·y — the goods and wares sold by a haberdasher or the shop of a haberdasher.
hab·er·dash·er — a person who sells small articles for sewing, such as buttons, ribbons, zippers (in the United Kingdom). 

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The Great Halifax Sewing Bee Pictures

Here are the pictures from our April meeting that was the Great Halifax Sewing Bee, as a little preview for what’s to come in the videos over the next few weeks.

Photos are in chronological order of when they were taken. Please click any to enlarge and scroll through.

As more photos are sent to me, I’ll add them in. Should plenty more be added, I’ll send a reminder for people to have another look at this post. Most people were pretty involved so there’ll likely only be new photos of finished garment.

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