Never listen when you hear that sewing
is a sedentary or solitary craft-

Heads & Shoulders
Knees & Toes
Knees & Toes
And Etcetera

-Because it’s really really fun when it’sIMG_3797



Pre-holiday hijincks
& strenuous exercise

At the December meet-up, Barb Emodi exercised our brains with a fabulous presentation on the many ways to approach pattern manipulation for your very best fit.  (And a reminder to “Control yourself, People: do one alteration at a time!”)  She distills to the sensible axiom of using differing methods, depending on the preference, comfort, location & size requirements of the Sewer/Seamstress/Sewist. This brought up another interesting thought of what we call ourselves in 2017 – soon to be 2018 – my personal fave is Sempstress, a lovely Victorian & dignified term – probably not generally loved for the same reasons.  However, the funniest has to be her blog’s Sewing on the Edge accidental moniker “a serial sewing sexist”.

Maybe it’s those racy pictures she uses to explain alterations?

Barb made clear the differences among the many methods – we could see lights beginning to go on as members nodded & “aha’d” throughout her presentation.  We look forward to her book coming up for publication in Spring 2018: “Sew The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge.  Real-Life Lessons from a Serial Sewist“.

Sew & Tell added to the usual hilarity, made all the more so by a sweet & savoury repast shared by our talented bakers.

Rhea‘s using reversible knit for Love Notions Origami


Anita‘s also using a Love Notions – Trendy tunic; And McCall’s slippers with leather bottoms & fabric from VV


Marilyn completed the coat she was working on at SSS with a panel of  pretty scarf & Japanese appliqués; a clever bag to match from scraps; a beach bag towel combo for gifting.


Sheila using some of our bounty of Joy fabric for OOP Vogue 8335.  Her Summer Challenge (3 visible fabrics) in OOP Vogue 1363


Suzanne‘s very painstakingly & beautifully sewn Vogue 9267, which she plans to alter & adjust further to her satisfaction; Kathleen‘s dress that started with OOP Vogue 8582 & ended with Joy fabric & some salvaged golf shirt collars


Pat made many oven mitts for gifts, using jelly rolls (so pretty!); We celebrate with Nasirah‘s first use of a commercial pattern Simplicity 5463; Norma‘s Silhouette 709 which she also started at SSS & found needing significant lengthening, along with coordinating Silhouette Yoga Pants


Angela‘s creative use of a tunic with interesting & colourful border detail, which she fashioned into coordinates, with top tied in with embellishment.


Our very own comedy troupe, Julie, Lorna, Linda & Carolyn, showing their Jalie Jeans made in Tory‘s Jeans in a Day Class


Edgar‘s festive McCall’s 6044 slim shirt


Our generous Atlantic Sewing Guild members filled 2 bins already with warm socks, mitts and fabric for our upcoming Community Sewing Day (February 3), when we will sew up warm pyjama pants for the homeless of Halifax.


Here’s a bargain you can scoop up, if it fits your machine better than it fits Rhea’s embroidery machine.  $69.  Contact her: eggbert.coolen@gmail.com.

this onemachine trolley

Please remember to bring donations to the next meeting of warm hats, socks, mitts or warm fabric cuts for PJ bottoms for our upcoming ASG Community Sewing Project


Class and Learning Options Outside the Guild

Courtesy of research by Tory and Marcia…

Guild Classes

The Guild had just announced our classes for 2014-15. These two are guaranteed, plus other potential ones to be determined.

  1. Pocket Techniques, with Anneke Henderson (Oct 4, 2014)
  2. Making a Body Double, with Josée (Nov 15, 2014)

However, there are many other options for classes around the Halifax area, as well as online. There are also many other learning resources besides classes, where there is no interaction involved but just instructions. The following list of sewing related resources might interest you.

Local Classes (Halifax area)

You might consider these local options for classes in the Halifax Regional Municipality and Nova Scotia area:

Continental Classes

If you were willing to travel for some classes, treating it as either a serious trip or vacation, you might want to consider these options:

Online Classes and General Instructions

These sites offer classes and/or general instructions online:

There are also plenty of other YouTube channels you may want to search for to find instructional videos. For video instruction, you might actually be better off searching from the YouTube site, rather than using a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.


Blogs tend to be are more personally produced instruction, compared to business or professional like instruction, although some blogs are quite phenomenal. They also tend to be more a mish mash of topics and may not be as well organized to find specific items like sewing instruction videos. But those things can add a personal touch and connection business sites tend not to have, and be more entertaining with a real life touch to them. It really depends on what you like. Here are some Guild Members like a lot:

When you read blogs, be sure to look around, often on the side, for links to the authors’ favourite sites, blogs and such. Some will likely be related to sewing and they can serve as your lead to find out more of what is out there! If you liked the authors’ blog, chances are, you’ll like his/her taste for other enjoyable and/or useful blogs, too!

Share Your Favourite Sewing Resources with Us!

If you know of great class and/or instructional resources not mentioned here, please do let us know. We will update this post, as well as our Classes page on this site. Thank you.

Exhausted Labour Labels Show Up in Discount Clothing in Primark Stores

Contribution from Kathleen

On the topics of unethical labour towards the creation of clothing, some may have read Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion.

Recently, some clothing items in the discount store Primark have turned up in Wales with labels sewn in reading “Forced to work exhausting hours”. (story here)

Certainly is eye opening to be more aware of from where your bought clothes come, by whom they are made, how and under what conditions, no matter what the motive is behind the labels.

My Fashion Philosophy

My Fashion Philosophy.

10 posts coming to elaborate on each element of my ghetto sounding fashion philosophy, found in the link above. I’ll post links here so you don’t have to follow my blog to get them, but I want them on my blog for my purposes. One of those is that I’ll grade my past garments on these philosophies… and future ones, too! 🙂

Share your fashion philosophies if you care to. Guild members can post here if you want, just ask me (Minh) for posting access, or email them to me and I’ll post on your behalf. Otherwise, anyone can leave a comment, of course.

Where Can One Buy Good Personal Umbrella Fabrics?

Does anyone know where I can find some good fabric for umbrellas?

No, I’m not planning to make an umbrella to chase after Mary Poppins. I hear she’s no longer eligible. My Matrix rain coat isn’t appropriate for all occasions. I just thought umbrella fabrics, the kind for personal use rather than patio, would be light, fairly waterproof, with some having beautiful designs on them. Those umbrella makers must get their fabrics from somewhere. But where is a reliable source?

An Internet search shows various “umbrella fabrics” sites, but those are just company names. I would also have no idea if they were reliable. I see Alibaba.com has a ton of such fabrics, but they tend to want at least 1000 meters minimum per order. I wonder how they came to think everybody lived in Vancouver?

Maybe there’s an umbrella shop in the Halifax area that can provide hints? We get our fair share of rain, though umbrellas are a bad investment with the wind here! It’s great for Matrix coats, though! 🙂

If anyone has any suggestions where I can get a handful of metres of umbrella fabrics, please let me know. Thanks!

Update on ASG’s Donations to the Jamii Foundation

Courtesy of Faye Morrison…

In the past, individual members of the Atlantic Sewing Guild have made donations to the Jamii Foundation for their work in Africa. One of the Jamii Foundation’s members, Candice, is currently in Kenya, and Faye Morrison would like to share news with the Guild members about how these donations has come to fruition as Candice continues her journey.

Members can get updates on Candace’s work and journey on the Jamii Foundation blog. Faye will try to have Candice come to a spring meeting of the Guild to talk about her work and journey.
In the meanwhile, Faye would like to personally thank everyone who donated fabric and sewing of pads at home to the Jamii Foundation. From the photos on the Jamii Foundation blog, you can see many of the pre-sewn pads being used for training, and sent home with precut kits after the girls and other sponsor organizations have received training on how to do so.
This will be an ongoing project and if anyone wishes to continue to collect fabric or do further sewing of the pads. Candice would really appreciate it in anticipation of her next trip. You can bring donations to the Atlantic Sewing Guild meetings to give to Faye or you can contact Candice at the Jamii Foundation via email at jamiifoundation at Hotmail dot com (spelled the usual way, this is to avoid spamming them).

Welcoming New Author Tory L and Inviting Other ASG Members

Up to now, almost two months into this site, only Nancy M (aka Lucilledupuis) and I have posted. We’re happy to keep you informed and entertained. However, we’d love to have more ASG members post because this site is for empowering members to share their work, joys, wisdom, etc. rather than be a soap box for a few people. 🙂

Today, we welcome member Tory L who just joined as an Author. That will allow her make her own posts, after learning the WordPress site features, which are fairly easy. She also has her own Sew Lady Sew! blog which I would encourage you to visit.

Upon welcoming Tory, I would also like to once again invite ASG members to become authors to our site by contacting me at the email to follow. Read more