Angela speaks

A letter from Angela Gladwin


Dear Atlantic Sewing Guild,

Sew, I would like to talk about Sewing Retreats, or the packing up of notions & supplies for those fun times. If you are like me at my first which I attended in May 2018, you will have lots of containers and bags to hold all these notions … and I do mean lots!  I eventually narrowed it down to one bag, & sewed it up at that ASG Seaside Sewing event.  I am very happy with the amount it will hold.


There are many bags of similar design out in the great wide net, under many recognizable names.  The bag I started with was offered free to one & all (thank you Ruby).  I have been re-tweaking the design & process over the summer as I make many more, including one for my sister-in-law. (It’s always Gifting Season!)

This is a great bag to use up those scraps that multiply when we’re not looking.  For these, I used four different sewing themed fabrics.  You can make one to colour coordinate your personal style.  Or be wild and use up to 12 different fabrics!

Atlantic Sewing Guild has asked me to present this bag class for you

September 29/18.

Join us & sew up your own Seaside Bag to corral your sewing supplies & notions; beauty items; children’s toys. (see where I am going with this?—-Tame All The Things!)

See you soon!

Supply list will be provided with registration at ASG first meeting on September 13.

Classes, Registration and Payment

  • Classes are full day (9:30 AM set-up for 10:00 to 4:00 PM) unless otherwise stated.
  • Full day class is $40 for Guild members .
  • Registration for all classes will be on a first come, first served basis.
  • Registration will be first done at Guild Meetings, then via email to the Guild afterward.
  • Post dated cheques will not be accepted for registration of a class.
  • If the classes fill up, you can put your name on a waiting list.
  • All classes have to be paid up before the class date or you will lose your spot!
  • Classes held at Halifax Christian Church at 51 Farnham Gate Road (see map link below)

Map to Halifax Christian Church link


 On the day before Valentine’s Day, who better to greet ASG members than the lovely Margo Bergman?Margo

So many of us already follow Margo’s blog Creating in the Gap that we  knew it was going to be a very special evening with her in our midst.  No question that Margo will have more devoted followers after her presentation this fine evening of February 13, 2018.

At the door we found her smiling face and just beyond, spied a colourful riot

of her creations.  We could see made up some of the very fabric that we’ve been holding onto in our own “Stash Closets” – a substantial spur to put scissors & thread to languishing potential.  No doubt we’re all members of the same “Fabric Petting Club”! (good concept BTW, Margo)

FAR better than Home Dec use!

She began sewing buttons at the age of four, later graduating to a pink Kennie & clearly flew from there.  Margo obviously enjoys the sewing & producing her gorgeous clothes, but also believes in working hard to make progress.  She frequently moves the goalpost further out for herself.  “Do more work.  Do more work” – a good mantra to remind us that the final garments we see on her blog are lovely, but are the results of  mindfully putting in the elbow grease.   She might make it look effortless, but Margo assures us that she too has “wadders” & has no qualms in throwing them out.  Hurray for that – let’s all get rid of those albatrosses!  And while we’re at it, we can put to rest that the  idea that “selfish sewing” is anything other than perfectly fine.

ASG loved Margo’s visit (thank you so much) and we also enjoyed meeting her dressed-up “friends”.IMG_4645
Thanks as well to Fabricville  (see Margo’s feature) and to the Halifax Hair Design Centre for the best door prizes evah.


Suzanne continues her fast & furious output with the ASG fave: her funky Jalie Helene cardigan; a Joy’s Find navy in Grainline Morris blazer and one of Margo’s faves (seen above), the True Bias Ogden cami

Marg shared her grandson’s new quilt with us – which seems to coordinate nicely with the Map of the World behind.  May he live in health with happy travels!

Bev sewed up the Loes Hinse Euro pant pattern for her classic cords, trying out instructions in the latest Threads mag for the waistband and in-seam pocket

PatPat’s latest Jalie pants

IMG_4722 copyNasirah’s OOP Simplicity 5463 beautiful paisley shirt

IMG_4718 copy



Edgar in a new McCall’s 6044 shirt & his first foray into trousers,  Kwik Sew 4045

Wearing her Cecilia Podolak Fearless Tee Anita pulls from her deep “bag of tricks” a new collection of her cozy felted hats & mitts.

Norma‘s Jalie 2682 with the interesting folded neck
& creamy cozy Silhouette’s Nina top #211



Eltee is one of our most joyous new ASG members.  She cuts without having to use patterns  & we may be privileged in a future meeting to have her do a presentation on her methods. (cross your fingers)



RingMaster Christinacreated her own Fantastic Menagerie – how gorgeous are these guys?


Margo thought she might be missing out on a monthly party with ASG and we think she’s right – it’s all about fun!

TORYIMG_4652 copyIMG_4714 copy
Special relaxation & enjoyment time with beautiful sewing friends !

Planning upcoming ASG events…

IMG_4663Angela tells us about the Refashioning Class she and Lorna  are doing on March 22 & 24. ASG Refash Class info

Cindy and Nancy hatching plans for double-barrelled Seaside Sewing May 1-3 & May 4-5.



DON’T MISS our next meeting featuring “ALWAYS BIASED”

TUESDAY, March 13, 2018, 7PM


ASG email link



With Lorna McKillip & Angela Gladwin
THURSDAY, MARCH 22 6-8pm shopping
SATURDAY, MARCH 24 10am-4pm sewing

This class is an introduction to refashioning clothing, using pieces purchased on the shopping trip to Value Village (Bayers Lake location) or pieces from your own closet (your husband’s, your kids – whatever). You will need to bring a measuring tape and know your own basic measurements. The shopping trip is to help you find useful materials, understand what the possibilities may be for refashioning a piece or several pieces of clothing and/or other textiles into a garment. We will talk about where to find raw materials, what you can do with them and help you start to visualize various ways of combining them. This shopping trip is optional and set a couple of days ahead of time so that you will have time to launder and iron the items and perhaps even do some preliminary work on them if you know what you want to do on the sewing day. You may decide to just bring some items you already own as your raw material and that is okay as well. Our sewing day will be when you create your unique garment, with the help and advice of two people who have some experience with this type of sewing and creating! Prior to our shopping trip, we will provide you with some references to look at which may help develop ideas as to what you would like to accomplish. We hope you will enjoy this opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind garment for yourself that you will be proud to wear!

For further information, please see: ASG Classes page



There was no mistaking the sheer happiness of Atlantic Sewing Guild members in each others’ company at the October 10/17 meeting.  Our theme could well prove to be faces smiling with joy in our night’s camaraderie and entertainment.  Shiny Happy People link (Do we love those classic cheerful 1990’s outfits?)

IMG_3359Contributing of course was BRENDA BOUDREAU’S presentation of her husband Bob’s quilts, which lived up to long-awaited expectations.  Who knew that she is, in addition to a long-time member of ASG, our very own salmon & trout fly-casting girl?  Brenda spoke lovingly not only about Bob’s amazingly detailed quilts, but also of the enthusiasm they share for the great outdoors and fishing.  This is true synergy: she became interested in his fishing & he became interested in her sewing machine.  Bob is a true Renaissance Man with his hands in business, Bonsai, landscaping & gardening, photography — & this night’s presentation: his quilting!







Bob Boudreau’s quilts are works of art deserving to be hung.  His painstaking compositions are studies in patience combined with the artist’s eye for minute detail.  The gradations of colour and fine machine stitching are accomplishments particularly admired by ASG members.  The quilt shown directly above is made up of over 1750 tiny squares and is created from his early school portrait.  (All these works were deserving of far better picture quality; unfortunately, this photographer & her camera phone fall short.)  Brenda did justice in her presentation and all in attendance were captivated.

SUMMER CHALLENGE: 3 fabrics within one garment


LUCY used Marcy Tilton Vogue 9057 and McCall’s 7122

EDGAR our quick-change artist delights us with his homage to Star Trek in McCall’s6044

KATHLEEN’S Tilton Vogue 8975 and Style Arc Toni   MARY in her TNT Silhouette top

Librarian BARB’S shirt Loes Hinse 5203      Coffee Host LEANNE’S skirt Made by RaeCleo

ANGELA shows Her Own design Upcycle       MARILYN combined Kwik Sew 3873 & 3915

BRENDA’S Newport Bag

We’ll take our leave of October 10 with the Smiling Faces of sisters ALAYNE & FAYE


  • GREAT HALIFAX SEWING BEE takes place at our November meeting.  (The festivities are Very Secret – not even your executive knows what we’ll be up to – other than more ASG fun!)
  • For the GHSB we will be using the gymnasium rather than the Campbell Centre
  • Bits & bobs – haberdashery & scraps & interesting smalls will still be gladly accepted at beginning of Nov. meeting
  • There will be no Show & Tell this month
  • December 2, 2017 Tory’s Jeans in a Day Class link
  • Visit the Atlantic Sewing Guild on Book of the Face Atlantic Sewing Guild link
  • email us



You really can with Tory’s Jeans Class

Our kind and patient Teacher Extraordinaire TORY LEBLANC

Atlantic Sewing Guild is happy to announce that Tory  has agreed to do a reprieve of her Jalie Eleanore Jeans Class.  (we were also happy to hear the buzz of approval when we announced the class at our most recent ASG meeting)

This pull-on pant pattern is designed for stretch wovens (stretch denim!) with 20% stretch.  The Eleanore features an elastic waist, mock fly front/front pockets, back yoke, functional back pockets, plus all the top-stitching found on ready-to-wear jeans

While this is primarily a sewing technique class, minor fit issues will be addressed.  Moving the waistband higher or lower, adjusting for a curvier backside, thinner/thicker waist and width of the pant leg will be covered.  Back pocket details such as stitch design, size and ideal location on the tush will also be discussed.  If extensive fitting help is required, you are welcome to use the class time to develop your first draft of a muslin.

Jalie patterns can be purchased at the Halifax Fabricville or online at  buy pattern on-line  (available as an instant electronic download or as a standard paper pattern that will be shipped). The pattern calls for 132 or 150 cm. stretch denim, with at least 20% stretch and good recovery.  You can make this pattern with any stretch woven fabric, provided it meets the stretch/recovery requirements.

You can register for the class by paying Suzanne Pelletier, our VP & Class Co-Ordinator ($40.).  (There are limited spots so the earlier you register, the better).   There are several places you may find Suzanne: Saturday, Oct. 14 at Sew-It-Now Saturday Sewing at the Church (see below); Sew-It-Now meeting Tuesday., Oct. 17; next ASG meeting Tuesday, Nov. 14.  You could also contact her through our ASG email address or our Facebook page:

ASG on Facebook


TIME: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Location: Halifax Christian Church
51 Farnham Gate Road, Halifax
map to the Church

You must be a member of ASG to participate in our classes.

Courses, Course Sales and Sewing Humour

NSCAD Continuing Studies just put out its list of Summer 2015 courses. Not too much on the fashion and textiles section except Beginner Sewing and Weaving, which could definitely be interesting. But lots of other interesting and artistic courses as well!

From Faye, Craftsy is having a class flash sale THIS WEEKEND ONLY. Up to 50% off on almost 700 classes. If you want to focus on sewing classes, please click here instead. THIS WEEKEND ONLY remember! (Apr 11 & 12).

And from Kathleen, a little humour… 🙂

Thanks Faye and Kathleen!

Making a Body Double Class

On Saturday, Guild Members Fran, Kathleen and I took part in the Making a Body Double Class given by our President, Josée.

The class was very informative, enjoyable and interesting, with something really useful for us sewists at the end, a dress form just like our own bodies!

Josée had a fairly easy and easy to follow set of instructions with garbage bags, packing tape, scissors, exacto knife, Sharpie pens, and weight on end of string (plumb weight). The process was methodical to tape on three layers, with short tape strips for areas with more curvature. The first was to be done slowly to get the shaping right, mostly up and down but sometimes in the direction of curvature. The second crossed that perpendicularly, and the third was back in the same direction as the first, for some strength.

Then came markings of gravity lines, where a weight on a string hangs from the front, back and sides. Contrast that with where you look visually centred, in case you aren’t ideally shaped and/or bent in those areas. This helps you put seams where they look aesthetically pleasing rather than where gravity lines are that pattern lines tend to be built on cause they are designed for more symmetric and uniform bodies than most of us have.

Notches were then put on like zippers (but not so close like real zipper teeth are) so that when we were cut out at the back, we would know how to line up the marks to close and fill the body doubles again. A horizontal line was also made so that we would know how high to properly mount the body double. Good for full length gown or pants gauging as well. We did this, as well as got the body double made, in shoes we normally wore for the same heights and body stature.

Finally, we were cut out of our body shells. We will mount and stuff the body doubles later.

I didn’t have someone to work on so Josée was nice enough to do a full body double for me, and not just the torso like a dress form. I will make use of this making body armour style costumes where arm and leg joint lengths and thicknesses, will be key. They would be next to impossible to measure accurately on my own, and cumbersome to do with others measuring as it would be a trial and error process throughout that would require lots of remeasurement and eyeballing. That person would be there almost the entire time, in other words, but not with my body double! Picture is at the bottom.

Thanks to Josée and classmates for a wonderful, enjoyable and useful class! If Josée ever offers it again, I’m sure I can speak for my classmates that we would highly recommend it!

body double

Class and Learning Options Outside the Guild

Courtesy of research by Tory and Marcia…

Guild Classes

The Guild had just announced our classes for 2014-15. These two are guaranteed, plus other potential ones to be determined.

  1. Pocket Techniques, with Anneke Henderson (Oct 4, 2014)
  2. Making a Body Double, with Josée (Nov 15, 2014)

However, there are many other options for classes around the Halifax area, as well as online. There are also many other learning resources besides classes, where there is no interaction involved but just instructions. The following list of sewing related resources might interest you.

Local Classes (Halifax area)

You might consider these local options for classes in the Halifax Regional Municipality and Nova Scotia area:

Continental Classes

If you were willing to travel for some classes, treating it as either a serious trip or vacation, you might want to consider these options:

Online Classes and General Instructions

These sites offer classes and/or general instructions online:

There are also plenty of other YouTube channels you may want to search for to find instructional videos. For video instruction, you might actually be better off searching from the YouTube site, rather than using a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing.


Blogs tend to be are more personally produced instruction, compared to business or professional like instruction, although some blogs are quite phenomenal. They also tend to be more a mish mash of topics and may not be as well organized to find specific items like sewing instruction videos. But those things can add a personal touch and connection business sites tend not to have, and be more entertaining with a real life touch to them. It really depends on what you like. Here are some Guild Members like a lot:

When you read blogs, be sure to look around, often on the side, for links to the authors’ favourite sites, blogs and such. Some will likely be related to sewing and they can serve as your lead to find out more of what is out there! If you liked the authors’ blog, chances are, you’ll like his/her taste for other enjoyable and/or useful blogs, too!

Share Your Favourite Sewing Resources with Us!

If you know of great class and/or instructional resources not mentioned here, please do let us know. We will update this post, as well as our Classes page on this site. Thank you.

Class — Clothesline Bowls with Brenda Boudreau

Date October 1, 2016
Time 10:00 AM to 4:30PM (set-up at 9:30)
Where Halifax Christian Church, 51 Farnham Rd Gate
(see map below)
Maximum number of students 8
Cost $35 + $3 for kit


Brenda Boudreau demonstrates how she creates her beautiful clothesline bowls. You will make one small white bowl in the class giving you a technique that will allow to design your own bowls  at home.

Materials Required

Sewing machine and kit (including scissors, seam ripper, sewing needles, straight pins, thread), open toe appliqué foot or regular zig-zag foot will suffice.


Basic sewing machine skills.

Teacher’s Biography

Past president and long-time creative member of the Sewing Guild, Brenda has often shared her enthusiasm, expertise and creativity with the Guild.

Please click here for other classes and more information on classes, including registration.


Class — Christmas Table Runners with Brenda Boudreau


Date November 5, 2016
Time 10:00 AM to 4:30PM (set-up at 9:30)
Where Halifax Christian Church, 51 Farnham Rd Gate
Maximum number of students 10
Cost $35


Brenda will demonstrate how to make a beautiful runner for Christmas table!

Materials Required

More information will follow.



Teacher’s Biography

Past-president and long-time member of the Sewing Guild who has shared her enthusiasm, expertise and creativity with the Guild.

Please click here for other classes and more information on classes, including registration.