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Challenges issued by the Guild

Sew Something You Need Challenge

For the last sewing challenge completely within the 2020-2021 Guild year, we went practical with a challenge to sew something you need. It could be anything – garment, accessory, art, experimental for something you need to know, etc. The key was that you “needed” it in some way.

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Sewing Partner/s Challenge

We issue lots of “challenges” here in the Atlantic Sewing Guild as a way to inspire and encourage our members, friends, and supporters to sew different things, in different ways, or with some different twist to them. Among these many challenges, inevitably, some will be taken up by more members than others. Such was the case with the Sewing Partner/s Challenge that was issue several months ago, with results coming in for the past three months! Instead of showing them in bits and pieces, we opted to wait for it all and show it all at once! As you can see, whoever said “good things come to those who wait” was partially wrong given all the great pieces you see here! Pattern titles are linked to the patterns online in case you want to have a look for yourself! Thank you everyone, for all the great garments and the obvious fun you had doing them together as can be seen on your faces in the pictures! And thank you to Reina for the slides! Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge.

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T-Shirt Self-Challenge

by Lorna McKillip


I had several “holes” in my wardrobe and many of those were tops to go with sweaters, jackets and other garments I already had or had plans to make. I had made t-shirts to go with other things and they were all the wrong colours and/or all too big.

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