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T-Shirt Self-Challenge

by Lorna McKillip


I had several “holes” in my wardrobe and many of those were tops to go with sweaters, jackets and other garments I already had or had plans to make. I had made t-shirts to go with other things and they were all the wrong colours and/or all too big.

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A Lesson on Sewing Photos and Photography

At our first monthly meeting in 2021, we got to hear a lot about photography of garments from our guest speaker, Lindsay Duncan of Meet the Maker Photos.  It was so informative we dedicated an entire post to it, allowing our monthly meeting summary post to highlight our members’ creations in Sew & Tell, and our Warm & Cozy Sewing Challenge. Both are in the galleries below, compiled by our member Reina, which you can click on the thumbnails to see in full screen. We also got new sewing challenge if you read on below!

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