2021-2022 Executives

The Atlantic Sewing Guild Executives consists of the following members who volunteered to share some information about themselves:

  • Julie W, President
  • Lorna M, Past-President
  • Pat M, Vice-President and Programs
  • Linda H, Secretary / Speakers
  • Marilyn O, Treasurer
  • Deb C, Membership Coordinator
  • Susan H, Librarian
  • Minh T, Communications Administrator

Instead of just saying just a few words about ourselves, though, we thought we’d introduce ourselves in a more interesting way by answering some fun, sewing related questions about ourselves. Some questions were suggested, while others were provided by individuals themselves to answer and include in their profiles. All Executive members’ privacy was respected to share only what they shared in the survey done to get this post’s content. So without further delay, here are the Atlantic Sewing Guild’s Executive members for the 2021-2022 year.




Julie W



I work with a fabulous group of volunteers to connect sewists and their passion for all things sewing, through the Atlantic Sewing Guild.

Member since 2017
Sewing since I took my first Home Ec class in Junior High
What I like to sew most I just made my first quilt and really enjoyed how it went together
Favourite item sewn Years ago, I made a 2 layer parka with a fur collar or my wedding dress – both of which I can’t seem to part with
Favourite part of sewing The satisfied feeling of accomplishment and creativity
Least favourite part of sewing When I have to use the dreaded “seam ripper”
Sewing superpower Lately, it had been repairing items for my daughter’s friends
Sewing secret Make sure you allow yourself enough time, so you don’t feel pressure or rushed.
My biggest sewing accomplishment  My husband and I recently “tackled” sewing a 30 foot sail for our sail boat. Sewing with 6+ layers of Dacron is certainly a challenge, but it was satisfying to be sailing on a hot summer day with our sail blowing in the wind.
Future Sewing Commitment To explore the width and breath of the online sewing fabrics and patterns. There is so much information out there. I need to take advantage of it.




Lorna M

Past President


I am to provide guidance to our new Executive and help with nominations for new positions.

Member since About 20 years!
Sewing since When I was about 10 years old, my Mother taught me to sew. Her mistake was not realizing how much I begged for fabric and sewing machine time!
What I like to sew most My own unique clothing and gifts for others.
Favourite item sewn Too many favourites!
Favourite part of sewing Being creative, using my hands and brain.
Least favourite part of sewing Frustration with not being able to buy fabric and notions locally and when trying to buy things on-line, not getting the colour, quality and weight as advertised!
Sewing superpower Finding re-used and thrifted fabrics and notions.
Sewing secret Having my own store “The Store of Lorna” so I don’t need to necessarily plan ahead!
What I like about the Atlantic Sewing Guild When I found the Guild, I found “my tribe”! The members have provided so much friendship, shared so my knowledge, inspiration, and, best of all, social sewing!
Do I like to teach sewing? I love to teach sewing, especially working with children or helping others enjoy their sewing more!




Pat M

Vice-President and Programs


Fill in for president and arrange our zoom speakers

Member since Joined way back when the guild started and left for a few years , Joined again 6 years ago
Sewing since A child
What I like to sew most Clothes for my family
Favourite item sewn Too many to name one
Favourite part of sewing Top stitching
Least favourite part of sewing Anything by hand
Sewing superpower I learned to make Irish dance dresses for champions.. On my own
Sewing secret I designed a pattern for Irish dance dress and sold world wide for several years. Then I got a call one day from an American who said that he got my number from Simplicity pattern company
Favourite pattern company Itch to Stitch because they have cup sizes and amazing instructions. Jalie as they cover all sizes so I can make child and parent matching. Well until the kids are suddenly horrified to be dressed like parents. Unless it is PJs.




Linda H



I record minutes of meetings and maintain documents.

Member since 2017
Sewing since When I was about 5 years old I started lurking around my grandmother’s ‘4-H Garment Club’ classes. I made many garments over the years. Since joining the ASG in 2017 I’ve been sewing a lot more often.
What I like to sew most I love to sew nicely tailored garments that fit and flatter, with subtle style elements.
Favourite item sewn Learning to do better pattern adjustments, like FBAs has been wonderful. Also learning to make bras.
Future goals I’d like to sew a garment with real couture methods.
Best compliment received My daughter’s wedding dress got rave reviews from many – even her stepmother. When I started it, I was recovering from a broken hand and could barely pick up a pin!
Craziest thing I’ve ever tried I hosted a party for my sisters and mother and we each made our own dress form, with, duct tape.
What I like most about the Sewing Guild Learning about new techniques, fabrics, etc. and spending time with my ‘sewing sisters’.




Marilyn O



I look after the books and deposit money and write cheques, and set the budget.

Member since 2010?
Sewing since 1960
What I like to sew most Clothing for my granddaughter.
Favourite item sewn My fall coat. I used lots of different grey fabrics and a quilting technique where you make fabric using curved piecing.
Favourite part of sewing Designing especially when I don’t have quite enough fabric and have to make design changes to get what I want.
Least favourite part of sewing I like all aspects of the process from the original idea, to getting the fabric and patterns, the cutting, the sewing and the cleanup.
Sewing superpower Not being afraid to try something new that I don’t know how to do.
Sewing secret Try to put your ironing and cutting stations away from your sewing machine so you have to get up and move each time you need to iron or cut.
Why I love sewing so much I could do it every day It fills a huge need to be creative, I love having a useful product at the end of a project, I enjoy being able to help people with my sewing, whether it is making quilts for charity or hemming my neighbour’s pants. And it allows me to bask in the admiration of my granddaughter who thinks I can make anything.




Deb C

Membership Coordinator


I record and document membership data.

Member since 2019
Sewing since I was 8 yrs old as joined 4H 
What I like to sew most Things I create without a pattern 
Favourite item sewn A wool lined Nero Jacket and Bell bottom pants in my last year of 4H. ( Still have it 😊)
Favourite part of sewing Finding the perfect fabric and pattern
Least favourite part of sewing Copying and tracing patterns, so time consuming 
Sewing superpower Late night creations and inspiration 
Sewing secret Love shopping for fabric more than anything
Best sewing advice Sew for kids as it eliminates making something for myself and find out it doesn’t fit or I just don’t like it anymore…
Stash Control Just move every 10 years or so, it helps





Minh Tan

Communications Administrator


I take care of matters related to communications, with some help from others, including the blog/website, Facebook group, email to members, and responses to communications related questions.

Member since 2011?
Sewing since 2010?
What I like to sew most Anything that makes a statement when worn
Favourite item sewn Winter duster coat with four sword holders, in black, fake snakeskin with silver trim
Favourite part of sewing Designing, but if that doesn’t count, cutting fabric
Least favourite part of sewing Serging sleeve holes
Sewing superpower Inability to follow pattern instructions, disguised as ability to hack instructions provided
Sewing secret I don’t actually like sewing!
Best sewing advice Err larger than smaller
Biggest sewing motivation Turning a meaningful new design I have into reality



Thank you for reading to get to know us. We hope one day, we will be able to get to know you, whether through comments you can post to introduce yourself by answering some sewing related questions, or by joining us and having the opportunity as a member to be featured.

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