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The Atlantic Sewing Guild is a group of sewing enthusiasts who meet to share their love and knowledge of sewing. We are mostly from Nova Scotia, Canada, but the transition to Zoom meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions now allows us to welcome members the world over more easily than ever!

Monthly meetings for members will be held via Zoom until further notice.





Second THURSDAY of each month from September to June, 7-9 PM


Where (when we meet in person)

Trinity Anglican Church Hall
321 Main Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia

(The section of Main Avenue that is above Dunbrack Street,
see map at bottom right of page)


Our meeting and Guild activities
also include:

  • Sew & Tell, where we share our projects
  • Guest speakers
  • Group challenges
  • Classes
  • Extensive lending library
  • Tips & techniques
  • Problem solving
  • Fitting issues
  • Community outreach projects
  • Affiliated interest groups
  • Socializing

We welcome you to attend one of our meetings!


Cost / Membership

$20 until August 2021 due to COVID activity limitations

$40 for a one year membership otherwise, or $5 per meeting

FREE for students with active student ID card


Contact Us

Please contact us for more information by copying our address into your email address bar:

 Or visit us on our Facebook Group:

14 thoughts on “Join Us!”

  1. Hi there! Been meaning to say that I really like your new site. 🙂 I started sewing because I needed to alter used clothing. Since I really enjoy it people now occasionally give me fabric (yay). Either way it’s a great creative challenge. 🙂

    I’ve been wondering about your generous policy of offering free memberships to students. I’m sadly aware that there are also folks who are ‘unwaged’ (as it were) due to either circumstance or disability. Sadly it can be very humiliating to ask. Do you have a discreet way to offer free memberships to people in this situation? Perhaps you have an officer who could be contacted to make private arrangements? I suspect few people would make use of it, but it would be a great service to the community.



    1. Hi,

      Thank you very much for your comment and question. my name is Minh. I’m the webperson for the site and member of the Guild. I will bring this to the Executive to see what they say. First meeting is free so we would love to have you come out join us one time, at least, to meet you. Our Christmas meeting is on December 10th upcoming, at 7 PM at St Theresa’s Church at Oxford and Dublin. I will get back to you when I hear a decision.



  2. Thanks, Minh! 🙂 I’d be more than happy to contribute more meaningfully when I’m employed, and in the meantime if I can help out in some other way that would be just fine. I have admin, marketing, web and IT skills.



  3. Yes, there was an email sent to the address associated with the comment by PrettyCharlie. Are you a different person or did you not get the email response? Please let me know so I can get you the answer. Thank you.



  4. Hi Minh! Maybe it hit my spam folder by mistake. It’s the public address I use for websites where I’m not sure who will see it, so I have my filters set pretty high. Would you be so kind as to send it again, please, putting Atlantic Sewing Guild in the subject line? I’ll give you my ‘real’ private address and put in a filter to catch it. I’m planning on coming tomorrow night, too. Hope to see you there! 🙂


    ps: So you know me, I’m petite, middle aged with shoulder length and English colouring (dark, white & red). LOL


  5. Hi folks! I am a former member and interested in rejoining this Sept. Can you post info about the upcoming year, and also let me know how to get on the email list? Many thanks,


    1. Thanks, Pat. We would love to have you back! Our first meeting is Tuesday, September 8th. You can subscribe or check back on the site closer to the date for an updated meeting schedule events and features. We look forward to seeing you again soon!



    1. My apologies for the late reply. I forgot to reply after having seen your comment when I had to run off for an errand. You’re very welcome. I enjoy doing it to share our mutual love of sewing as well.


  6. Hello there,

    I would like to attend a meeting next month and join in September. Is it okay for me to just drop in on June 13th? If so, would I need to bring my sewing machine at that’s time?

    Thank you,


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