Bernie Tobisch Teaches Machine Maintenance by Zoom

Can someone teach sewing machine maintenance virtually via Zoom? Apparently, to be polite, heck ya!!! Maybe it’s not so obvious, but one person who certainly could was Canadian sewing machine technician extraordinaire, Bernie Tobisch! He is also the author of You and Your Sewing Machine, and Sewing Machine Reference Tooland he was our Guild’s guest speaker for our May 2021 meeting that got turned into a machine maintenance class for a good portion of it.

During the roughly 1.5 hours Bernie spent with Guild members, he went over a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Tension issues
  • Pressure feet chain piecing
  • Tension adjustments
  • Auto threading problems
  • Fabric feed issues
  • Oiling the machine

He also took many specific questions members had, but which were also useful to some other members to know, or to resolve with the same or similar problems. His vast knowledge of a variety of makes, manufacturers, and eras of sewing machine was impressive and clearly on display, and members took in every bit of it… including our Secretary Carolyn who took extensive minutes like class notes to be shared with Guild members. Thanks Carolyn!

The session was also recorded with Bernie’s permission, and posted for a limited time on a private YouTube post for members to either review, or watch if they were not able to make the meeting. Thanks so much for everything, including that permission, Bernie! We hope you’ll take up our offer to visit beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada’s Ocean Playground, with your wife and do other workshops with us, and her. We hear she’s quite the quilter and sewist!


Sew & Tell

Most of the remaining time of the May meeting was devoted to our standard and popular Sew & Tell segment, where members showed what they sewed and told tales of gold of the joy, trials, and tribulations that went into it! This month, we had particularly striking photography, as you will note in the gallery below ! Click on photos to enlarge. Thanks to Reina for the compilation and notes with the pictures!


One thought on “Bernie Tobisch Teaches Machine Maintenance by Zoom”

  1. Hello!
    As you probably know, in the recent past, Marilyn McLaren passed away. Her daughter is overwhelmed at clearing the house.
    Would it be possible to send you a private message?
    (She was a guest speaker at the guild a long time ago She dressed me in period costume, demonstrating underpinnings to full dress)
    Thank you


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