Sew Something You Need Challenge

For the last sewing challenge completely within the 2020-2021 Guild year, we went practical with a challenge to sew something you need. It could be anything – garment, accessory, art, experimental for something you need to know, etc. The key was that you “needed” it in some way.

Issued at our March meeting, our members got to work during April and May to show a wide range of items, for just as wide range of reasons why they, or someone they sewed for, needed the items. Thanks to Reina for compiling a lovely display of photographs and notes to go with the items and who sewed them. Click on photos to enlarge.


Of course, while this challenge may be over, a challenge where you sew something you need, whether for yourself or for someone else, is never truly over. So if you missed this challenge, you can always challenge yourself to sew something that can be sewn that you need rather than buy it, and if you were a Guild member, you can show it at a future Guild meeting’ well known Sew & Tell segment!


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