Mending in the Time of Pandemic

Post Author and Guild Member Faye M

by Guild Member Faye M


Part of my process of cleaning and re-organizing my sewing room is keeping up with mending. I also believe that we have a responsibility to try and keep our clothing in repair and not just throw them out. For example it takes 2000 gallons of water to produce one pair of jeans and many of those found today are not of good quality.

My son works at the post office sorting station, where he is lifting packages, squatting then lifting from a conveyer belt after he enters the routing instructions into the computer producing the label attached to the package being sent for delivery. These days that quantity has intensified. His wear is shown on the fronts where packages hit, the crotch because of squatting while lifting with the back,  inside his pocket bottoms where his keys are kept and his wallet in his back pocket because there are no locker access for security reasons.

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I have a variety of canvas that I have kept from projects and second hand items purchased over the years to repair pocket. I  have my son return the jeans to me at the end of the life span so that I can cut off the legs to reuse for under patches on future repairs.

Often I have to remove serger stitches and other heavy stitching to repair the pockets and sometimes to cut off the bottom, and replace it.  I have had to remove the back pocket and repair the area at the bottom edge before sewing it back with jeans thread in gold. I have attached some samples of repairs made this week.  The photos above are of the fourth pair this week, and all needing repair in roughly the same location. If you look hard, you can see the outline of the denim patch underneath. By mending, I have made these jeans last for a full year.

What types of articles have you mended lately?


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