A Sewcial Media App Like Strava for Sewing?

And now for a little something different. Unlike most other posts on this blog, this one is fictional, and speculative, more for your entertainment than actual documentation of anything. If that’s not your cup of tea, please brew the next cup. In the meanwhile, please allow me to share a little quiche of my hobbies of running, writing, blogging, and sewing. 🙂

With my running, I am about to finally make the transition to the modern running apps and tracking rather than just using a stopwatch. With it, comes an app called Strava, which I would summarize as Facebook for fitness. Basically, your posts are your exercise or movement, with maps, stats, pictures, descriptions, links, and what have you. You follow people and they follow you, where you then get to see each other’s training and stats, give them support, tips, encouragement, and so on, like on Facebook. It’s a little bit more authentic, though, because it’s a little harder to “curate” your image with your GPS devices like phones, running / fitness watches keeping tabs on what you did, or did not do. It’s a little harder to cheat just on your own, fix how you look, hide what you did or didn’t do, and so on, compared to traditional social media with all their filters, selective postings, and such.

During my run today, I thought, what if there were Strava for sewing? Can you imagine something like that? It’d be like Facebook for sewing with various stats, but personal sewing accounts rather than, say, a Facebook group on sewing. On it, you’d get to show what you made, or how far you got that day, state how you felt, show stats like how much time you spent sewing each day, which you could fake by leaving the clock on, but you other stats would look dismal!

What other stats, you might ask?

Well, if your sewing machine were actually built to collect it, which it could and some might already, show things like how many stitches you had sewn, how much thread you went through, average per hour based on your time logged as sewing. Then show the progress by a picture of the project on that date, with info on what kind of project (item sewn, pattern source, specifics like size, etc.) so others could know in case they want to try. Or when you’re done, how much thread, seam lengths, fabric surface area, etc. were in each item sewn. Add some commentary, perhaps. Then see what others thought of it, and see what they did and maybe comment, too. Inspire and be inspired! And if you weren’t into the social media interaction, you’d have quite the documentation for your project!

Part of the Strava apps allows more than just social interaction, pushing things to competition. You can compare total stats, or compare stats for a given route you run or bike or swim compared to others in groups. I haven’t known sewing to be too competitive, though I’m sure it’s motivation for some, but imagine if you could do that, too! If not for competition, then for inspiration, the way athletes tend to look at those better than them, whether a bit or much faster, and be amazed, some of which turns to inspiration to up their game.

So yes, imagine all that! As of now, I’m only running, writing, sewing, and blogging. I can’t code yet, at least not in any useable language today, but if I could, I’d probably write that app I imagined. That’s OK, though. There’s an AI system called GPT-3 that can write code for apps based on English commands, apparently, and it wasn’t even taught to how to learn to do that! I’ll wait a few years until it becomes more publicly available and ask it to write me that app then. There’ll still be lots of sewistas and sew bros around. Until then, I can try to figure out what to call it.

What should I call it?

Please leave a comment!

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