A (Legislature) Resolution for the Atlantic Sewing Guild

I’m not sure how many of our Guild members made New Year resolutions regarding the making of COVID cloth face masks. However, many members made some 4300 face masks in total for the Northwood Seniors Home, Halifax campus! This was in the early days of the pandemic in 2020, when the facility put out a call for such masks during times when PPEs were in short supply. For this, Lisa Roberts, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia representing Halifax Needham within which Northwood is located, made a Resolution (#453) for the Guild on April 13th, 2021!

Resolution 453 for the Guild
(click to enlarge)

In case that text is hard to read, the full resolution is below. It thanked the Guild for its efforts to help Northwood with cloth mask sewing, but also congratulated the Guild on its 25th anniversary!


By: Lisa Roberts (Halifax Needham)

I hereby give notice that on a future day I shall move the adoption of the following resolution:

Whereas Northwood, experiencing a serious outbreak of COVID-19 at its Halifax campus that ultimately affected 246 residents and 99 staff, issued a call to the community for donations of cloth masks for its residents and tenants; and

Whereas the Atlantic Sewing Guild was founded in 1996 with a small group of members led by Julie Culshaw, and is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021; and

Whereas the Atlantic Sewing Guild responded to Northwood’s call by making and donating hundreds of masks to Northwood;

Therefore be it resolved that all members of this House of Assembly congratulate the Atlantic Sewing Guild on their 25th anniversary and thank them for the support they have shown to Northwood and to Nova Scotia during our collective time of struggle and need.


Congratulations and many thanks to… well, let me share the words of our Secretary and one of the most productive of the crew…

To all those who made masks for Northwood, thank you.

To all those who donated fabrics and elastic for Northwood, thank you.

To all those who sewed their precious fabrics for staff and residents at Northwood, thank you.

To all those who took time from work and family to help the Northwood cause, thank you.

To all those who took time from sewing masks for their friends, family, neighbours, their business, thank you.

This is a special thank you to those Atlantic Sewing Guild members that sewed and donated approximately 4300 masks to Northwood. You sewed masks for total strangers; you did it with care and precision and craftsmanship. I delivered bags and bags of masks sewn in gorgeous colours and sewn with great skill. There were no woulda, shoulda, coulda… you just DID IT. Thank you and thank from all Nova Scotians.

And one last personal thank you for making me laugh and smile, daily, during such difficult times.


This is a first for the Guild and we are very proud of it! Thank you, indeed!


Many members sewed to contribute to that effort, but among them, we’ve been hearing some truly legendary stories and efforts by some, like Carolyn, Barb, Nancy, Pat, among others! We are hoping they will share those stories for the blog, as historical record of unseen work and contribution during the pandemic. We’ll have to wait and see!


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