Sewing Partner/s Challenge

We issue lots of “challenges” here in the Atlantic Sewing Guild as a way to inspire and encourage our members, friends, and supporters to sew different things, in different ways, or with some different twist to them. Among these many challenges, inevitably, some will be taken up by more members than others. Such was the case with the Sewing Partner/s Challenge that was issue several months ago, with results coming in for the past three months! Instead of showing them in bits and pieces, we opted to wait for it all and show it all at once! As you can see, whoever said “good things come to those who wait” was partially wrong given all the great pieces you see here! Pattern titles are linked to the patterns online in case you want to have a look for yourself! Thank you everyone, for all the great garments and the obvious fun you had doing them together as can be seen on your faces in the pictures! And thank you to Reina for the slides! Click on thumbnail photos to enlarge.


Jalie 2682 V-neck Top 

Elizabeth and Lori did this one right out of the gates in February! With different fabrics, they got different looks, but well done all around! Please click on images to enlarge.


Style Arc Casey Coat

PatM and Lorna were equally keen to have also gotten a garment done in February.  Pat used Power Stretch to for her inner pocket of a brightly coloured coat, while Lorna used heavy rayon for lining, with a Hong Kong finish using silk necktie fabric! Both very nicely done!


Itch to Stitch Bonn Shirt

Deb also got a garment done in February, with Pat and her second one! Pat went for the classic white, while Deb used some muslin fabric that she loved and got for just $1.50 a metre! Double win with the nice fabric and shirt!


Petite Stitchery Adult Yoggers

In March, we had a nice crop of members who finished some spectacular garments together. First were these “yoggers”, as in joggers for yoga, that was recommended by Barb E. to Mary, who did the garment in conjunction with Brenda and Beverly for a trio effort. All added creative and customized touches to theirs for a beautiful look, and noted them in the slides below!


Sinclair Patterns Calypso Colour Blocked Top & Hoodie

Next up are some very colourful and stylist tops by Anita. She ended up making two, one that fitted her friend and fellow member Rhea better so she gave it to Rhea, and then made one for herself. Very nice, in terms of generosity and craftsmanship!


Jalie Tania Coatigan

In another trio effort, we have Suzanne, Lorna, and Karen making this Jalie coatigan. That would be a garment somewhere between a cardigan and a coat, as the portmanteau suggests. Karen and Suzanne went for fine fabrics solid colours, while Lorna chose a radiant artistic print, which all look and/or feel good from the descriptions.


Itch to Stitch Llama Hoodie

In yet another trio effort, and another involving Lorna in March, we have a different style hoodie. Here, past President Lorna, current President Julie, and current Vice-President Pat each chose a different style and fabric, or fabric combinations, to create three fashionable and practical, or should we say “presidential”, garments?


Vogue 8699 Top

Next, we have garments from Marilyn and Nasirah. Marilyn went for classic white, which was a garment she needed, while Nasirah did a double version with different fabrics. They added their own details and fitted themselves very well, and enjoyed doing the challenge together!


Jalie 2795 Zip-Front Hoodie and Jacket

Norma and Audrey closed out the March garments for the challenge with “in” hoodies in the “in” colours for 2021, which are Pantone Yellow and Grey, though not combined! They noted they adhered to public health protocols by keeping their sewcial distance at 2.8 km (though that is not to suggest nobody else adhered to public health protocols during this challenge)!


Itch to Stitch Atenas Jacket

April saw another batch of guild members taking on this Sewing Partner/s Challenge. First up are Linda and Reina, who made this very chic jacket, with some lovely detailing!


Grainline Studio’s Farrow Dress

Next, Lorna and Suzanne each did their radiant versions of Grainline Studio’s Farrow Dress! Spring is definitely in the air seeing these dresses’ styles, prints, and colours!


Noodlehead Sandhill Sling

For something different, Carolyn and LeeAnne made these cool sling style bags, designed by Anna Graham. Carolyn’s version is made from faux leather and lined with cotton, while LeeAnne’s version is lightweight cotton canvas, lined with quilting cotton. These bags will go well with a lot of things, and be practical in use!


Vogue 9112 Asymmetrical Dress

Finally, we end with a trio effort, and another one with LeeAnne and Lorna participating. Kathleen went all out with many pieces, a mix of fabrics with men’s grey and striped wool sweaters, and added sleeves and V neck. She also prepped for the photoshoot as you can see below! LeeAnne and Lorna, meanwhile, seemed to have stuck more to the instructions, and jazzed things up in their own ways.



Jalie 2679 Soft Shell Jacket

Well, almost finally, as it turned out. In June, Carolyn and Deb finished a soft shell jacket from Jalie. Well, Carolyn finished two! You can see the features of each below!


Greenstyle Creations Brassie Joggers

In June, Carolyn also got in synergy with PatM in June to do pairs of Greenstyles Brassie Joggers. It seems both of them really liked this challenge to have extended it into June and was still going strong with multiple garments then! Well done!

Pat & Carolyn's Shorts
Pat & Carolyn’s Shorts


So that was it for those who presented in the time the Sewing Partner/s Challenge was officially on! Some members are still at it, but their projects will appear in future monthly meeting Sew & Tell. However, the idea was one that obviously resonated with many so official challenge or not, more members will be doing more sewing projects together in the future, which is just what we like to see, and hope you will join us in some in the future!


By the way, didn’t you love all the indie patterns our members are discovering and sharing with each other and the world? And aren’t our photos looking better after we had Lindsay Duncan come to talk to us about sewing photography?  🙂


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