A Recommended Fabric Stain Removal Guide

Recently, our Guild was sent a lovely thank you letter from a Mother of a girl in a Girl Scout troop, thanking us for how useful our blog was to her daughter Michelle and other girls working on the Textile Artist Badge. The Textile Artist Badge is an at home program that requires the girls to choose their textile method of choice, find tools, materials and patterns online to learn the basics. Our site and links led them to some great needlework and quilting websites to check out, and they wanted to thank us.

In her efforts to earn her Textile Artist Badge, Michelle found a link to a what she thought was a great webpage for information on removing fabric stains. She wanted to share it with us to add to our blog since we didn’t have any such information among all the information we had, so her Mother wrote us to let us know.

A look at, both, our site and the link provided showed Michelle was absolutely correct! We didn’t have any such information, and the link shared has a lot of good information for removal of many kinds of stains from fabric. She even recommended a spot for this link in our Links Page under Other Links, which is where it is now!

Thank you very much for your recommendations, Michelle! We will, in turn, recommend it to our members and blog readers! We’re glad you found our site useful, and are grateful for your contribution to help make it better. And thank you to your Mother for writing us to let us know! Happy sewing… and not too much stain removal! 🙂

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