A Lesson on Sewing Photos and Photography

At our first monthly meeting in 2021, we got to hear a lot about photography of garments from our guest speaker, Lindsay Duncan of Meet the Maker Photos.  It was so informative we dedicated an entire post to it, allowing our monthly meeting summary post to highlight our members’ creations in Sew & Tell, and our Warm & Cozy Sewing Challenge. Both are in the galleries below, compiled by our member Reina, which you can click on the thumbnails to see in full screen. We also got new sewing challenge if you read on below!


Sew & Tell

Among January’s Sew & Tell, we got about as wide a variety of garments, quilts, and other sewing items as we’ve seen in a while. Of course, they’re also never lacking in colour and style! Check all of them out below!


More Comfy & Cozy Challenge Results

These days, the Atlantic Sewing Guild is issuing new challenges monthly for members and others interested in joining in. However, these challenges are not just for a month until the next challenge as some projects can take time, and the inspiration to respond to our inspiration can also take time. We had shown some Comfy & Cozy Challenge results in December, but we have even more below from Lorna and Reina!


The Partners Challenge

The next challenge was delivered by our Vice -President Pat M, and that is the Partner Up Challenge. Here, you find one or more person/s and work on a common pattern. You can each do that by yourselves to have your variations that fit you, given COVID gathering restrictions or other practical restrictions of distance and matching schedules. Or you can do do it together if you are in each other’s social bubbles. There is yet to be a definitive answer for if your partners needed to be real.

Good luck and have fun!


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