The Guildenberg Project

Project Gutenberg, as it’s properly known rather than the colloquial Gutenberg Project, is a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works, to preserve them for history and make them more accessible to the people. Here at the Atlantic Sewing Guild, we have some cultural works that need digitizing and archiving, to preserve them for history and make them more accessible to everyone. As a result, some original and long time members and I have volunteered to create the Guildenberg Project to bring the world the treasure trove of articles from the Guild’s storied past, all with the original authors’ permission, of course.

For the Guild’s 25th anniversary year, with the aid of a small team of Guild members, I will be posting a multitude of useful and/or favourite articles from the Guild’s former newsletter, Sew Crazy, among other print sources to which members contributed, that have never been shared online. Among them will be articles on techniques, reviews, profiles, personal stories, reflections, among many other topics and styles. We will be introducing those useful and enjoyable articles to an entirely new audience, one much bigger than their original audiences, and we hope you will enjoy them. We started with the already popular article, Tips for Organizing Your Sewing Space,  and we will be posting many more at about one article per week. You can click on the golden project logo at top right, or at the end of any Guildenberg Project articles, to see more articles from the project.

In addition to digitizing and posting our past articles in our Guildenberg Project, we hope other sewing, craft, writing, and similar guilds will do the same with their past print articles. There is a lot of great writing in the past not known to many that could be known to a lot more. We hope those other guilds will embrace the Project Gutenberg spirit and extend it to their own Guildenberg Project.


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