Gadgets / Dressed Up for December 2020

Despite the COVID dampening of things to end 2020, Guild members didn’t let that dampen their spirits by turning out in great numbers for our December Zoom meeting! Members showed up in their best “everyday exuberance” holiday outfits, with spirits to match, to learn about sewing gadgets some Guild members can’t live without, see what others had made in Sew & Tell, and share good cheers in a little sewcialization time. Here’s a sampling of what took place (thanks to Secretary Carolyn and member Reina for the notes and slide show photos).



  • Christina’s sewing hams. Our Queen of Colour, Christina B, showed her inspiring sewing hams that she made herself! Each started as a muslin sleeve, packed firmly with sawdust from woodworking shops or pet store animal bedding, and covered with vibrant wool and cotton fabric. The different shapes she’s made them all in help with ironing sleeves collars etc.
  • Deb’s gadget collection. Our Membership Coordinator, Deb C, showed us an assortment of useful gadgets and innovative ways to use them. Among them was a fine crochet hook used to grab serger tails to tuck back into the seam, as well as for grabbing cover stitch threads from under the pressure foot. Next, she showed how to use 1/4 inch painter’s tape to add seam allowance to patterns, identify pattern pieces, and right/wrong sides of fabrics. They can also be used to hold small pieces of fabric or appliqués in place without leaving a residue. The tape can be found at specialty paint shops, Cleaners Supply, hardware stores and Amazon. Finally, we got to see a small plastic template used to frame for fussy cutting.
  • Pat N’s Fusible Web video demo. While some showed their gadgets in person, Pat N stepped up to make a video of how to use the gadget she couldn’t live without, which was Heat n Bond Softstretch Light Iron on Fusible Web. This web can be used for stabilizing a hem on sheer or other difficult to tame fabrics, such as double brushed poly, modal, bamboo and TENCEL, prior to sewing, as well as holding pockets in place and appliqués before sewing.
  • Pat M’s gadget collection. Like Deb, our Vice-President Pat M also had a gadget collection she couldn’t live without. Hers included a pressing bar that was a 1 ½ round hardwood dowel cut in half lengthwise, perfect for inserting into sleeves to press the seams open. Additionally, she showed a gadget to hold gadgets, which was a tray that mounted under the sewing table to hold needles, seam rippers, etc. swinging out when required (from Prime Cables). Then there was her centre guide foot for topstitching, and, finally, a flosser used to pull threads forward while covers stitching.


Sew & Tell

During our usual Sew & Tell, we got to see items and garments members recently made. Some were for the Cosy & Oldie challenges, which were presented in this blog post. Others are shown in the gallery below. Please click on image to enlarge and see more details.


Why did the chicken cross the road?

To keep physical distancing, why else? OK. That wasn’t funny.

Well, how do you topstitch curved seams in terms of which direction do you topstitch the seam down? Towards the shortest curve,  which is toward the concave curve.

Well, that wasn’t funny, either… but it was darn useful! 🙂


Happy New Year, everyone! If you were reading this near the time of posting a week into 2021, I hope you are still among the 73% who are still keeping up with your resolutions. But if you were needing some help, check out the post on resolutions we had in December 2020. Until next time, stay safe and healthy, and help others do the same if you can!


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